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ABBYY First to Offer MFP Vendors Complete Capability To Fully Automate Document Conversion and Management

July 15, 2009

ABBYY announced its innovative FineReader Engine OCR SDK to provide a new generation of multifunctional peripherals (MFPs) with document conversion and management capabilities.

With Release of New FineReader Engine ABBYY Delivers Highly Portable OCR SDK for Embedded Systems


ABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic software, today announced its FineReader Engine for Embedded OS, an innovative solution that provides a new generation of multifunctional peripherals (MFPs) with document conversion and management capabilities.  With the release of FineReader Engine for Embedded OS, a highly portable, small-footprint software development kit (SDK), ABBYY is the only software provider to offer MFP vendors the complete spectrum of solutions for document processing automation. Designed to operate with limited computing power and memory resources, ABBYY’s new SDK eliminates issues surrounding solution performance, allowing MFP developed solutions to operate without restrictions and more efficiently.  ABBYY’s customizable FineReader Engine for Embedded OS can be integrated into virtually any platform or imaging device, making ABBYY’s award-winning technologies more accessible for MFP vendors than ever before.


“Today’s FineReader Engine for Embedded OS announcement signifies a new marriage between MFPs and OCR technology,” said Andrey Isaev, director of the technology products department at ABBYY. “With the new SDK, MFP vendors can add more value to the peripherals they deliver to market via unsurpassed OCR capabilities, and flexible customization, meeting the document conversion and management needs of their customers. ABBYY FineReader Engine for Embedded OS streamlines document management throughout organizations, considerably reducing costs associated with installation and support of additional software, and simplifying the task of document conversion.”


ABBYY’s latest offering, the FineReader Engine for Embedded OS SDK, builds upon the company’s position as the ideal partner for MFP developers, validated by relationships with industry giants like Fujitsu, Ricoh and Xerox. The new SDK provides MFP vendors with best in class OCR capabilities such as accurate conversion of document images captured with a scanner or camera into searchable formats such as PDF, PDF/A and highly compressed PDF files (with MRC compression). Offering both full-text and zonal OCR to ensure superior accuracy of document recognition and conversion, the new SDK provides developers with versatile document conversion capabilities, even in peripherals with strictly limited resources. For those providing peripheral solutions worldwide, FineReader Engine for Embedded OS provides recognition of printed text in 60 languages including multilingual documents and can be extended with additional language support. ABBYY also offers comprehensive customization services to smoothly adjust functionality of the product to various vendors’ needs — such as new CPU type support, new image processing options, other document export formats, extended language support and many more.  For particular customer needs, it can also be enhanced with intelligent character recognition (ICR) technology for hand-printed text, as well as with many other document processing technologies developed by ABBYY. 


Key features and benefits on the new OCR SDK for embedded systems include:

Low Requirements for Computing Resources — Optimized to work with strictly limited computing resources, including small memory size and low-power processors. It can be integrated into MFP and other imaging devices, various portable devices such as scanning pens, automated mail processing systems and more. 


Integration into Multiple Platforms — Can be ported to various embedded operating systems and CPU types and easily modified to support any new platform according to customer request.


High Accuracy of Document Recognition and Conversion — Based on ABBYY’s latest OCR and PDF conversion technologies widely recognized by users and professionals for matchless accuracy of text recognition and superior conversion quality.


Flexible Expandability and Customization — Depending on particular customer requirements, FineReader Engine for Embedded OS can be extended with any feature available in other SDKs from ABBYY such as its FineReader Engine OCR SDK  and FlexiCapture Engine SDK for data capture. For example, it can be enhanced with additional capabilities including ICR, barcode recognition, optical mark recognition (OMR), document classification, indexing, and data capture functions and technologies.


Extensive Language Support — Delivers recognition of documents in 60 languages and provides dictionary support for 23 languages. Additional languages, from the total set of 195 languages for OCR already supported by ABBYY products, including various languages with Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hebrew and more can be also integrated on demand.

Availability and Pricing

ABBYY FineReader Engine for Embedded OS is available via flexible licensing scheme. Customers may select optimal combination of product features and request additional features for their projects. For information on licensing models and pricing, please contact your local ABBYY office.

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