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ABBYY FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition Now Available

December 03, 2003

Cost-effective yet powerful solution for mass forms processing.

ABBYY today announced the availability of FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition, a competitively priced client-server application designed for enterprise-level, medium to large-scale form-processing projects. Based on ABBYY’s award-winning OCR, ICR and OMR/Barcode recognition technologies, FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition is highly accurate,  easy to use, quick to deploy and scalable. With a flexible architecture that utilizes multiple workstations to streamline processing, FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition can process up to 10,000 forms a day and can be easily expanded as a company’s processing needs increase. The product can be easily integrated with databases, accounting programs, and customer management systems. Starting under 10,000 US dollars (including seven work station licenses) Enterprise Edition stands at a competitive price point, allowing users to recognize a quick return on investment.

“FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition represents our enterprise-level form-processing solution that follows the trend set with our original FormReader Desktop product, announced earlier this year, including a powerful yet easy-to-use feature set in a highly cost-effective package,” said Aram Pakhchanian, Form Reader product line manager for ABBYY.  “The introduction of Form Reader 6.0 Enterprise Edition removes the previously high entry barrier associated with the cost of form processing software, set-up, and maintenance. Organizations currently utilizing time-consuming manual data entry methods now have a viable solution for their form-processing needs.”

ABBYY FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition is geared toward organizations such as government agencies, insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions, educational entities and market research firms that need to process medium to large volumes of paper forms. ABBYY FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition’s basic configuration consists of one server and seven work stations that can process up to 10,000 forms, including forms with complex structures and mixed-type forms for which the system is able to define both forms and non-form addendums in a single batch, per day. Users can easily increase the amount of forms processed by adding additional work station licenses on the fly; no repeat installations or upgrades to core components are required.

FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition incorporates six processing stages — administration/set-up, scan, recognize, verify (proof reading; two stations included), correct (QA), and export/monitor —each stage taking place on a dedicated station. Built on ABBYY’s cutting-edge recognition technologies, FormReader Enterprise Edition provides reliable validation and verification tools and can export extracted data into a CSV or XML file or into a database. It recognizes handprint (ICR), machine print (OCR), check marks (OMR), and barcodes (OBR) from a variety of paper forms, such as purchase order forms, product registration cards, application forms, questionnaires, insurance claims, and more. 

Quick Set-Up and Deployment = Cost Effective Solution

FormReader can be set up to process forms in just a few days. Before processing forms, templates need to be created and FormReader makes this easy with its Template Editor which allows users to scan blank forms and mark the areas to be recognized. Users can also design new forms from scratch using the included Form Designer. Once the new form is created, FormReader automatically generates its corresponding form template.  FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition is one of the few form-processing solutions that offer user-friendly rule creations for both single-page and multi-page validation rules.

In addition to an easy set up, the high speed of processing, excellent recognition quality, automatic control of output results and a competitive pricing and licensing model make FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition one of the most attractive data capture systems on the market.  Enterprise Edition offers an open Application Programming Interface (API) for customization of exporting. Built-in and custom-made validation rules not only increases the accuracy of extracted data but also decreases the time necessary for verification.

Scalable and Flexible

FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition enables users to configure the system to suit an organization’s needs, providing users with a high degree of flexibility. For organizations that experience increased volume, FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition is easily scalable. For instance, if a user’s documents have a complex structure that registers frequent violations, an additional Correction station can be easily added. All components can be installed using the same setup program and any station can be removed remotely from the server. With concurrent licensing, administrators are able to easily add new licenses and assign licenses or reassign roles to particular workstations. Users of FormReader 6.0 Desktop Edition can easily upgrade to the Enterprise Edition using the same template and rules currently in use. Automatic workload balancing, task distribution and routing allows optimized workloads among all the stations and minimizes system idle time. 

“One of the biggest benefits of FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition is its ability to allow me to adapt workflow to fit my customer’s exact needs,” said Mike Stuhley,14-year industry veteran and president of Formtran.  “FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition is easy to operate and thus easy for operators to train on.  This kind of speed and efficiency allows my customers to see an almost immediate return on their investment.”

Key Data Capture Features

FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition uses the high recognition accuracy that ABBYY has come to be known for. Easy installation, an updated user interface, expanded tuning options, and improved system configuration makes setting up and running FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition simple. It recognizes 177 machine-printed languages and 16 hand printed languages, including four newly added languages: Dutch, Spanish, Finnish and Roman. With multi-level verification, data can be automatically validated using rules and dictionaries and as well be verified by a human operator.
Background and automatic export features enables batches to be processed expeditiously and exported as soon as they come in. Management and control of access on workstations is done from the export station. For data security, the system allows administrators to grant operators different access rights and assign processing roles. Detailed reports and advanced batch management features keep the administration informed of current workload and batch statuses.  In the event of software or hardware failures, the monitoring station can be used to unlock and restore the system to its last known functional state and the job will become available for the next operator or can be manually re-routed to another station. 

Pricing, Availability and Trial

FormReader 6.0 Enterprise Edition is available now with English and Russian interface languages with additional language interfaces to be offered over the next few months. Please request fully functional trial version and check pricing and purchase terms with ABBYY sales team. Please find detailed product information and contacts of ABBYY offices worldwide at corporate web-site

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