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ABBYY Offers Advanced Chinese, Japanese and Korean OCR in its Newest Mobile Development Toolkit

April 20, 2010

Robust OCR technology for 62 languages, including both European and Asian languages, makes ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine the ideal technology platform for developers building applications for the global marketplace.

ABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and language software, today announced the availability of its Mobile OCR Engine 4.0, a new version of the award-winning software development kit (SDK) for creating small footprint optical character recognition (OCR) applications. The key enhancement of the SDK is its new robust technology to support Chinese, Japanese, and Korean OCR developed by ABBYY specialists. Now covering 62 recognition languages, including both European and Asian languages, and a wide variety of operating systems such as Symbian™, iPhone®, Mac OS®, Android™, Linux®, Mobile Linux (Moblin™), Windows®, and Windows Mobile® this SDK is the ideal technology platform for developers building applications for the global marketplace.


“Mobile often means global — successful mobile products, both hardware and software, become popular worldwide very quickly. To enter new local markets or expand their offering with versions supporting new platforms and devices, developers will need a versatile and flexible technology”, said Katya Solntseva, Director of Mobile Products Department at ABBYY. “The ABBYY SDK is a truly multilingual and multi-platform toolkit providing not only quality OCR but the possibility for easy growth and expansion using the same, proven technology from the same provider.”


The new version of the ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine SDK also has enhancements to the recognition processes which help ensure greater accuracy and give developers working with the SDK more control over the recognition results. New features include additional image pre-processing which automatically detects the orientation of a page of text to be recognized (if it is sideways or upside down), and a confidence level indicator which shows the level of certainty for recognized text, allowing developers to set flexible criteria for implementation of proofreading and verification functions.

About ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine SDK

The ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine SDK is a powerful software development kit which allows developers of mobile and small footprint applications to integrate highly accurate optical character recognition technologies that convert images and photographs into manageable and searchable text. Mobile applications based on ABBYY OCR allow users to quickly transform photographs of documents, notes, newspaper clippings, business cards, timetables, menus and other text taken with a built-in camera into data that can be easily stored, shared or exported to other applications. The ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine SDK has won the silver Mobile Star Award™ from MobileVillage®, the 15-year leader in market development and news services about mobile technology. Software developers interested in learning more about the ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine SDK, please visit or contact your local ABBYY office.


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