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ABBYY Presents Cloud-Based Translation Automation Platform SmartCAT

October 30, 2014

ABBYY® USA, a leading global provider of document recognition, data capture, and linguistic technologies and professional services, today announced its first translation automation platform - SmartCAT. SmartCAT is the first cloud-based system for integrated automation of translation processes, designed to improve the comfort and efficiency of professional translators. This solution can increase efficiency of translators by 1.5-2 times.


“We have been working with major translation customers for years. We analyzed their needs, dismantled, and reassembled their translation processes down to the last detail,” said Jean-Luc Saillard, chief operations officer of ABBYY Language Services USA. “As a result, we have come to realize why the existing translation automation systems available on the market are often ineffective, failing to achieve today’s business targets. SmartCAT was born from many years of our experience and joint efforts with actual customers.”


SmartCAT offers a combination of centralized translation memories and glossaries and the most advanced tools for effective post-editing of machine translation, automated quality control, and API-based integration with external systems. In addition, the platform uses the best ABBYY products, electronic dictionaries and scan recognition technology. Users can access SmartCAT from any computer connected to the Internet, and you don’t have to worry about software installation or updates.


SmartCAT is released in two versions for corporate users and freelance translators. For freelancers, the service will be free of charge.


The corporate version has additional project management functions for customers to benefit from a variety of brand new ways to improve their performance. The production process will become transparent, centralized, and manageable irrespective of who performs the translation. Translation memory centralization alone cuts down total translation costs by 30-80 percent. Machine translation (МТ) can also offer substantial additional savings for certain projects. MT technology from world leading providers (Safaba, Asia Online, Google, Microsoft, etc.) is already integrated into SmartCAT, so the system provides easy post-editing and МТ editor performance tracking along with objective information about the savings gained.


The corporate version includes online job status tracking and launching of the translation process with the click of a button in CMS or the document management system without having to stop other processes. Pricing for the corporate version is flexible. Users can buy additional licenses for a large-scale project for one month only so that users don’t have to buy a large number of licenses at once.


Managing translators’ teamwork is the key to increasing efficiency several fold. The flexible management system for the translation process and cloud architecture make it possible for several translators, editors, and proofreaders to work on the same document simultaneously using the same translation memories and terminology bases and updating them in real-time. It is even possible for members of the team to discuss their progress in real time. This approach allows the team to reduce the completion time for translation projects, maintain the required quality level, and ensure terminology consistency.


In addition to free access to SmartCAT, freelance translators can also win a one-month vacation to a tropical island. ABBYY organized this campaign to highlight the new opportunities offered by the cloud-based translation automation solution to freelance translators who work remotely. To learn more visit Smart Work & Surf.


To learn more about ABBYY SmartCAT visit the official website.


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