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ABBYY Releases FormReader Custom Module to Improve Form Processing with Kofax Ascent Capture

September 23, 2004

Kofax Ascent Capture obtains extended abilities for better processing fixed, semi-structured and unstructured forms with the help of ABBYY FormReader Custom Module

ABBYY, a leader in document recognition and linguistic technologies, today released ABBYY FormReader Custom Module for Ascent Capture, a new custom module for Ascent Capture that promises to dramatically extend the form input capabilities of the product.

Kofax Ascent Capture is a modular application for distributed document workflow. Ascent Capture accelerates business processes by collecting paper documents, forms and electronic documents and transforming them into retrievable information, delivering key data into business applications and databases. The ABBYY FormReader Custom Module for Ascent Capture is a specialized form processing application that integrates seamlessly within the Ascent Capture workflow environment and provides the most comprehensive forms processing functionality for the Ascent Capture environment.

The FormReader Module for Ascent Capture offers a sophisticated combination of form processing capabilities including extremely accurate recognition, user-friendly interface, fast deployment, validation rules for efficient checking of recognized data, and the ability to process both structured and semi-structured forms. ABBYY’s competent OCR/ICR/OMR technologies essentially increase the quality and accuracy of recognition. And at the same time this high-end system is easy to learn and operate. In the aggregate with low implementation costs, these all make ABBYY FormReader Custom Module the efficient solution for complex forms processing.

“Now Ascent Capture users can enjoy advantages of professional form processing: they are able to work with all kinds of forms, recognize and verify data more accurately and efficiently.” claims Aram Pakhchanian, ABBYY FormReader Chief Product Manager. “Capabilities offered by the ABBYY FormReader Custom Module may be of interest to those, who need to capture data from sophisticated traditional or semi-structured forms. Those will also profit enormously, who carry out large-scale projects, where form processing capabilities must be combined with advanced import and export functionality and remote access.”

Key Benefits of ABBYY FormReader Custom Modules

ABBYY FormReader Custom Module grants the following preferences to its users:

A “capture-all” solution for all types of forms

Along with traditional fixed forms, the ABBYY FormReader Module can process forms of any difficulty due to FlexiCapture technology: conventional structured forms, semi-structured forms, or forms with complicated logical structure. They can be invoices, insurance applications, payment drafts, health claim forms, resumes, loan documents etc.

This becomes possible due to ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio, a tool for formalized describing of semi-structured forms. ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio creates FlexiLayout - a set of instructions that describes the layout of semi-structured forms and documents and rules of locating the all data fields. FlexiLayout is subsequently used by the ABBYY FormReader Custom Module to capture data from semi-structured forms.

Automated validation and easy verification

The ABBYY FormReader Module comes with numerous ready-made validation rules (date checks, comparison of sums in figures with sums in words, etc.) and also allows creating of customer defined rules. Automated validation helps to reduce operator load, relieve the operator from most of the drudgery of data checking and raises overall operator efficiency.

Recognition, validation with automatically running rules and verification can be easily fine-tuned in an intuitive visual environment and will not take much time.

This efficient automated system greatly saves processing time and thus increases efficiency.

Best technologies for best data quality

ABBYY FormReader Custom Module is equipped with acknowledged, judged the best by many industry professionals and leading IT publications, OCR/ICR/OMR/OBR technologies. They accurately read printed and handprinted letters, barcodes and marks of various shapes and sizes, including marks which are not enclosed by field borders and corrected marks (i.e. check marks inked out by the respondent).

177 OCR and 18 ICR languages are supported by ABBYY FormReader Custom Module - it is more than any other recognition system may offer. FormReader Custom Module also includes large dictionaries of addresses, personal and company names, possible date formats, and some others, which is also aimed at accuracy boost.

Ease of setup and administration

The ABBYY FormReader Module is preset to process most typical forms. Its functionality can be seamlessly integrated within the Ascent Capture workflow processes between the “scanning” and “export”, allowing administrators and operators to use powerful forms processing capabilities on the familiar Ascent Capture platform.


The basic configuration of the ABBYY FormReader Custom Module for Ascent Capture contains two core components – Recognition Station, for capturing data from form fields and transforming it into digital data ready for export, and Correction Station, for visual verification, correction, and validation of data. The number of additional stations is limited only by the needs of the customer.

Additional functionality is available through: ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio, a tool for formalized describing of semi-structured forms, and ABBYY FormDesigner, a tool for automatic creating forms from scratch as the user designs form. These applications are supplied with the ABBYY FormReader Custom Module for Ascent Capture.

Pricing, Availability and Trial

ABBYY FormReader Custom Module for Ascent Capture is available now. For detailed pricing information or for a fully-functional, time-limited trial version please contact the nearest ABBYY office.

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