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ABBYY Ships Recognition Server 3.0

June 08, 2010

ABBYY announced the new version of its award-winning document capture and OCR solution that adds batch scanning, efficient indexing, intelligent output handling, and other new powerful features.

New Version Adds Batch Scanning, Efficient Indexing, and Intelligent Output Handling to Its High Volume Automated OCR Server


ABBYY®, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic software, today announced the worldwide availability of ABBYY Recognition Server 3.0, the latest version of its award-winning solution for document capture and optical character recognition (OCR). ABBYY Recognition Server is a server-based solution for automating document processing in enterprise and service-based environments. Version 3.0 builds upon Recognition Server with new batch scanning, efficient indexing, and scripting support to deliver a more complete functionality for document capture and conversion. By leveraging its scalable architecture, customers can easily deploy document processing projects of any scale with significant time and cost savings.


The product is designed to automatically convert large volumes of paper documents or document images into fully searchable electronic text suitable for business processes such as document archiving, e-discovery, and enterprise search.  Recognition Server enables automated, unattended processing which can be centrally managed and accessed from multiple points within the organization or remotely. Recognition Server can also connect with a variety of back-end systems and third-party applications with integration via Scripts, XML tickets, a Web-service API, or a COM-based API. ABBYY intelligent OCR and PDF conversion technology delivers highly accurate document conversion with recognition of up to 190 languages.


New Recognition Server functionality is delivered through the addition of two new “stations” to the Recognition Server package. A new Scanning Station extends Recognition Server’s capabilities beyond simple “back-end” processing to now support also capture of documents. Recognition Server’s new Indexing Station provides a simple, efficient way to manually extract key data from a document for quick and easy indexing and cataloguing of document metadata.


“Recognition Server is designed to provide easily deployable and manageable automated document conversion,” explained Andrey Isaev, director of Technology Products for ABBYY. “Our latest enhancements make the link between document input and output more seamless. Our scanning station provides intuitive tool for inputting documents directly into Recognition Server while the ‘point-and-click’ indexing and new scripting capabilities for customizing separation and routing help make output documents more suitable for further processing.”


ABBYY Recognition Server 3.0 delivers a range of feature and technology enhancements including:


High-Speed Production ScanningThe new Scanning Station supports high-speed batch scanning of paper documents via TWAIN, WIA, and ISIS drivers. Its intuitive interface gives users the flexibility to easily control the scanning process, preview acquired images, split the batch into documents, and redact sensitive information on the image before further processing. Scanned batches of pages can be sent to network folders, FTP servers or directly to ABBYY Recognition Server workflows for OCR and indexing.


Flexible Document Separation and Indexing — The new version delivers enhanced scripting functionality which enables administrators to create flexible rules for document separation. For example, documents can be separated by a certain word, phrase or a set of barcode values found on a page. By analyzing the structure and content of documents according to the pre-defined rules, the system can also perform document type detection and key indexing automatically. In addition, the new Indexing Station makes it easy for operators to specify document attributes and pull key data out of recognized text on a document. With its “point-and-click” indexing, operators simply use the mouse to outline the area on a page that contains the key data, e.g. invoice number, fax recipient’s name, applicant’s name, etc.


Intelligent Output Handling — Once the general processing is complete, output documents and their attributes can be routed to the next workflow stage or to final storage by an export handling script. A separate export handling script can be set up for working with failed jobs.


Connectors to Enterprise Search Systems — ABBYY Recognition Server 3.0 is compatible with Google Search Appliance™, Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server, and Windows® Search via special connectors available as Add-on modules. When using Recognition Server together with enterprise search systems, image-based documents such as faxes, scanned agreements, contracts, correspondence, and any other TIFF, JPEG or PDF files can be easily converted into fully searchable data for easy access by enterprise search tools.


Support for New OCR Languages and Barcode Types — The  new version delivers enhanced technology for Chinese, Japanese and Korean OCR as well as improved recognition of multilingual documents with various language combinations (e.g. Japanese and German,  Chinese and Russian, etc.). Among the newly added OCR languages are Vietnamese, Yiddish, and Latvian Gothic.  In addition, the system now supports recognition of popular 2D barcode types such as Aztec, Data Matrix, and QR Code.


ABBYY ADRT® for Precise Document Structure Reconstruction — Recognition Server 3.0 includes ABBYY’s unique ADRT (Adaptive Document Recognition Technology), an intelligent synthesis algorithm for reproducing the logical structure and original formatting of multipage documents when converting to Microsoft Word. By treating a multipage document as a single entity rather than a set of pages, ABBYY ADRT accurately re-creates logical elements of the document structure such as table of contents, headers, footers, page numbering, footnotes, and font styles across all pages.


ABBYY Recognition Server 3.0 is available worldwide through various ABBYY sales channels. For detailed product information or product demonstration, please contact your local ABBYY office.

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