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[RU] ABBYY Supports World’s Largest Online Linguistic Resource

May 21, 2009

ABBYY has sponsored The LINGUIST List online resource within the frames of a fund-raising campaign, LINGUIST grad School Challenge, and been awarded with special prize and thanks from the LINGUIST List Advisory Board. The LINGUIST List is the world’s largest international linguistic mail list providing information on linguistics, language, and language analysis with the infrastructure necessary for the digital world.


“I would like to add my personal note of thanks for the gift to LINGUIST List from ABBYY, both as a member of the LINGUIST List Advisory Board, and as someone who is always happy to see Russian linguists playing a more and more active role in the international linguistics community,” said Barbara Party, remarkable linguist and longtime participant of the Dialog Conference, the largest Russian conference on computational linguistics.


“ABBYY is already making wonderful contributions in the field of computational linguistics with its great products, and to the wider field of linguistics with the training and experience that students who work for you get, and your sponsorship of fine events both large (like the Dialog Conference) and small (like Formal Semantics in Moscow.) Your support of LINGUIST is another very nice way of supporting the field. I know that your contribution means a great deal to the people who run LINGUIST List — not only for the money itself, which helps a great deal, but also because of the support it shows for LINGUIST List from the international community.”


ABBYY has also introduced major changes into geographical map of the LINGUIST List’s supporters, and this is particularly noteworthy in view of the economical situation in the world today. Earlier, Russia and countries of Eastern Europe were hardly represented among donators. This time Russia has been welcomed as the forth major sponsor in Europe, while ABBYY has become the second key supporter among European linguistic centers and the seventh in the world.

About The LINGUIST List

The LINGUIST List (The world's largest online linguistic resource) is dedicated to providing information on language and language analysis, and to providing the discipline of linguistics with the infrastructure necessary to function in the digital world. LINGUIST maintains a web-site with over 2000 pages and runs a mailing list with over 25,000 subscribers worldwide. LINGUIST also hosts searchable archives of over 100 other linguistic mailing lists and runs research projects which develop tools for the field, e.g., a peer-reviewed database of language and language-family information, and recommendations of best practice for digitizing endangered languages data. For more information, please, visit

About the Dialog Conference

The Dialog Conference is the largest Russian conference on computational linguistics with more than 30 years of experience. Since its foundation, the Conference has been focused on practical implementation of linguistic studies. Today, the Dialog Conference is a unique interdisciplinary forum which assembles famous linguists, key specialists in automatic language processing, and benchmark companies engaged in computation linguistics. For more information, please, visit


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