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ABBYY TextGrabber and FineScanner Now Support Siri Shortcuts

September 20, 2018

TextGrabber and FineScanner have received the new Apple iOS 12- powered functionality. Now users can instantly access important documents with FineScanner and extract text f rom images with TextGrabber through custom Siri voice commands.

ABBYY, a global provider of content intelligence solutions and services, today released the iOS 12-powered updates for its productivity applications FineScanner and TextGrabber. Leveraging the functionality of the mobile operating system, ABBYY has added the support of Siri Shortcuts, one of the most exciting new features of Apple’s AI assistant Siri.

PCMag Editors’ Choice in the mobile scanning category, ABBYY FineScanner automatically scans documents and book pages, recognizes the text on them retaining the original layout, allows to edit, annotate and sign, and helps to share as a PDF, DOCX or JPEG. Now the multifunctional app is fully compatible with iOS 12. With Siri Shortcuts, users can assign custom voice commands to documents saved in FineScanner so that they can quickly access them when needed. This time-saving functionality is designed for those who work with documents and papers on a regular basis, as well as for travelers who need to keep digital copies of important documents at hand. It is an organized, safe, and easy way to store and access important go-to documents and materials.

Featured on TechCrunch and VentureBeat, TextGrabber is also compatible with iOS 12. Now users can create and use custom Siri voice commands to instantly extract text from the latest photo or screenshot they took or saved in Gallery. This shortcut is a welcome addition for those who often work with paper-based content, documents, and books, along with those who attend presentations as it helps to easily capture slides. The digitized text can be edited, saved, shared, and translated into 104 languages, online or offline.

“iOS 12 comes with quite a few useful features and updates including faster app launch, Group FaceTime, improved augmented reality experiences, and screen time statistics. For us, it means that we can utilize these functionalities to make our mobile apps better for the user. We hope our new Siri Shortcuts will help people automate text capture and save time for more creative tasks”, comments Bruce Orcutt, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at ABBYY.

FineScanner and TextGrabber complement ABBYY’s comprehensive portfolio of tools that simplify capture, digitization, and extraction of data. The company’s offering ranges from top-of-the-line mobile-based optical character recognition (OCR) to enterprise-level automated document processing enabled by machine learning and semantics.

Availability and Pricing

FineScanner for iOS is available on the App Store for free download.

The full functionality of the app can be applied to five single or multi-page documents free of charge. To get unlimited access to the features, users are advised to purchase a premium subscription. FineScanner is compatible with iOS 10.0 or above, works on iPhone, iPad and supports an iMessage app. Siri Shortcuts require iOS 12.0 or above and an Internet connection.

TextGrabber for iOS is available on the App Store for free download.

After the first three complimentary uses, some features require a subscription. TextGrabber is compatible with iOS 10.0 or above. Text recognition is performed on the device. For online translation and sharing, an Internet connection is required. Siri Shortcuts require iOS 12.0 or above and an Internet connection.

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