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ABBYY CopyTranslate Quickly Translates Text within Any Application on Apple Mobile Devices

November 15, 2012

ABBYY CopyTranslate is a handy utility for Apple® mobile devices that can translate texts directly in the application you are currently using on your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod®. Whether you are composing a message, reading a book or a website article, you get translations instantly without the need to leave or close your current task, or spend any effort on manual typing.


To provide translation of required words or snippets of text, the new app from ABBYY uses one of the simplest ways imaginable: all you have to do is just select and copy those words into the clipboard using the standard menu option of Apple iOS. Any text on the screen that can be copied can be immediately translated in both written (64 supported languages) and audio (the majority of the supported languages) formats.


CopyTranslate can be very handy when you want to quickly get the meaning of unfamiliar words and sentences in a book or on a website page, or swiftly compose messages in foreign languages. It will help you in learning languages, if you feel into it, or simply amuse your friends and colleagues with the unusual feature on occasion. If you find your own, original ways of using the application please share them with the rest of the world at the Apple App Store® or ABBYY’s Facebook page.


As the new utility uses Google® Translate’s language databases, your mobile device requires an Internet connection for translation. To learn more about the new product, including the system specifications and supported hardware, visit  


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