ABBYYOnline.Com: New Web Portal to Provide Document Conversion and Language Services

OCR and Linguistic Services Based on Award-Winning Software Technologies from ABBYY Are Now Available to All Online Users 24x7


ABBYY®, a leading provider of document recognition, document capture, and linguistic technologies and services, today announced, a cloud-based solution delivering ABBYY services and technologies. The new solution leverages the cloud to provide anytime access to powerful document management, data capture and linguistic solutions to users located anywhere in the world.


“Individuals and enterprise users from organizations of all sizes are looking for ways to simplify the process of digitizing paper documents,” said Dean Tang, CEO of ABBYY USA. “ brings the company’s OCR, data capture and linguistic technologies online. These cloud-based solutions bring the increased efficiency and productivity of digital documents to even non-technical users, making them great tools for individuals, small-to-medium sized business or workgroups in large enterprises.”


ABBYY Online currently offers the following services

FineReader Online OCR and Document Conversion — the FineReader Online service converts scanned or photographed images of documents (e.g. JPG, TIFF, DjVu and others) and PDF files into DOC, RTF, XLS, searchable PDF, and TXT formats. Leveraging the latest, award-winning ABBYY OCR technology, the solution accurately reads texts in 37 languages including Latin, Cyrillic, Armenian, and Greek characters, and supports recognition of multilingual and multi-page files. In addition, FineReader Online processes documents with any combination of popular fonts and accurately re-creates formatting elements such as bulleted and numbered lists, columns, and tables.


The secure online OCR service from ABBYY requires no additional software to be installed and is accessible to any web user, no matter which PC, laptop, mobile device or operating system they use. The service offers 20 free pages upon registration, with additional page processing available on a pay-per-use basis.


FineReader Online provides an intuitive interface for converting images. The whole process takes three simple steps: uploading an image to the service, setting up recognition languages and an output format, and receiving the resulting document directly from the user account page.


Lingvo Online Dictionary — An online version of ABBYY’s state-of-the-art dictionary software, Lingvo Online delivers updated and expanded dictionary databases with enhanced word look-up technology. It offers translation of words and word combinations with English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian as the starting languages. It also provides useful linguistic information such as example sentences illustrating the use of words, audio pronunciations recorded by professional speakers, pronunciation keys for headwords, indication of stressed syllables in Russian words and more. 


Translation and Interpreting with ABBYY Language Services — On the new ABBYY portal users can quickly submit text of any length — from one sentence to a whole document — for professional translation. The service offers translations in a wide variety of language combinations and automatically provides users with a price quote and timeline for the task. All tasks are performed by highly qualified translators and editors from ABBYY Language Services.


Translation and Language Education Services with Aligner Online Service — An online version of the ABBYY Aligner software tool designed for translators, language learners, and anyone who needs to compare an original text with its translation. This cloud-based service for aligning small parallel texts and creating Translation Memories finds matching segments in source and translated texts in 10 European languages: English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian. 


ABBYY Online is available at Registered users can access all its services using a single account.


Corporate customers can also benefit from integration of ABBYY online services into their own internet and intranet portals. Configuration of the services, which may range from local integration to cloud hosting solutions with customized sets of functions and interface, can be adjusted according to customer requirements.