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ABBYY's Mobile Software Development Kit (MSDK) and FlexiCapture Engine Rev Up Next Generation Mobile Applications

April 19, 2010

Technology Powers New Apple® iPhone® Applications for Insurance, Financial, Tax Preparation and Business Productivity


ABBYY®, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic software, today announced that its Mobile Software Development Kit (MSDK) and FlexiCapture Engine SDK, are extending business applications into the mobile space.  Providing both online and offline mobile development solutions, ABBYY gives application developers a complete line of tools to transform the Smartphone into a more useful device for both employees and customers. The ABBYY technologies have streamlined business processes for companies in many industries by providing the backbone for several next generation, cutting edge mobile applications on the Apple® iPhone®. In addition, its Mobile OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has enabled applications with Business Card information extraction and multilingual text extraction designed for mobile device camera images.


Applications that use ABBYY Technology on the back end in combination with applications on the phone are revolutionizing the concept of using mobile devices to capture data from images. In the future companies will offer services capturing information from text in photos of ID cards or other documents to perform a variety of applications on the back end without the user needing to manually type information. This allows for quick conversion of images into data using ABBYY’s powerful text recognition and retrieval technology. An example of this already in action comes from a leading tax filing preparation Software Company, which has developed an application to transfer data from an individual’s tax documents directly onto a tax form via their iPhone.


ABBYY’s MSDK and FlexiCapture Engine SDK solutions enable additional mobile application possibilities for developers. One such extension is using OCR technology to enable language translation with mobile devices such as Smartphones. These solutions enable business travellers to take a photo of a document or sign written in a foreign language with their iPhone, and have it immediately translated. Travellers can get instant translation on a multitude of helpful data, such as parking restrictions, local directions and menu items, making this an application perfect for business travellers who travel internationally.


“FlexiCapture combined with ABBYY’s powerful MSDK gives companies the tools to develop unique vertical applications by relying on the company’s proven data and document capture technologies,” said Dean Tang, CEO at ABBYY USA. “This allows businesses to leverage new applications for the iPhone and other emerging mobile devices. ABBYY is committed to expanding our mobile product offerings in order to give developers the continued ability to create these innovative applications.”


ABBYY also continues to make its FineReader line of optical character recognition (OCR) technologies available in the mobile market. A number of leading Business Card Reader (BCR) applications for the iPhone rely on ABBYY technology to easily and immediately transfer key contact data from a business card into a user’s iPhone address book. ABBYY’s extensive language support allows for input of multilingual business cards.


ABBYY’s FlexiCapture Engine is the first comprehensive data capture SDK to combine technologies and tools for intelligent document classification and form processing.  FlexiCapture Engine facilitates tight integration of complex data capture functionalities for processing semi-structured and unstructured documents such as invoices, bills, tax statements, contracts and more. By adding powerful front end data capture from the mobile device, developers can add value to their applications, while simultaneously reducing development costs.


ABBYY’s MSDK is a specialized toolkit for empowering mobile, and other compact applications with text recognition and conversion capabilities.  Optimized to deliver a highly accurate conversion of image files into text while maintaining a small footprint, the MSDK allows developers to create applications that overly tax the devices memory or system resources. The MSDK supports operating systems such as iPhone, Android, Linux, Symbian, Windows and Windows Mobile.


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