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Brainware’s IDC-distiller Offers Best-in-class OCR through Integration of ABBYY FineReader Engine 8

June 12, 2007

The announcement reflects a continuation of Brainware’s integration with ABBYY software for OCR, first begun with earlier versions of IDC-distiller.

Brainware Customers to Benefit from More Accurate Document Scanning, “Fast Mode” Processing, and Other Enhancements


Brainware, Inc., whose IDC-distiller™ product provides high-speed, intelligent data capture and automated processing of any type of document, is one of the first companies in its market sector to deploy on a worldwide scale a solution incorporating the 8th version of the ABBYY® FineReader® Engine SDK. The FineReader Engine SDK provides highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR) technology for conversion of scanned documents and images into text.  Brainware® customers will benefit from recent innovations delivered by the FineReader Engine, including significantly enhanced OCR accuracy and functionality, particularly for processing lower-quality documents and images, as well as a variety of image preprocessing, document analysis, and recognition tuning options.


The announcement reflects a continuation of Brainware’s integration with ABBYY software for OCR, first begun with earlier versions of IDC-distiller.


“ABBYY’s best-of-breed OCR technologies help our customers to fully leverage IDC-distiller for fast, accurate data extraction and document processing,” says Carl Mergele, Brainware CEO. “By integrating ABBYY technologies within our product, we ensure that IDC-distiller maintains its competitive edge and provides unrivaled levels of extraction.”


“Brainware is an innovative company committed to delivering market-driving technologies,” commented Jupp Stoepetie, CEO, ABBYY Europe. “They are a great partner who truly understands the market and we are pleased they have chosen ABBYY’s OCR technology to incorporate with their cutting-edge system.”


IDC-distiller, Brainware’s Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) solution, provides automatic, high-speed capture of critical data from image documents and other electronic formats.  IDC-distiller then exports that data to corporate software platforms such as SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards and others, or to document management and archival systems such as Documentum, Filenet, OpenText, and Stellent.


ABBYY’s intelligent OCR technology provides highly accurate recognition of scanned documents and document image files into text files suitable for search, archiving, and classification functions. In addition to its powerful OCR, the FineReader Engine SDK offers ICR, OMR and barcode recognition technologies as well as advanced PDF conversion, image pre- and post-processing, document layout analysis, and support for zonal or field level recognition. With the broadest language coverage, the ABBYY’s SDK supports over 190 languages for OCR, including the most recent additions of Thai and Hebrew, and 92 languages for ICR.


With the FineReader Engine, Brainware users will benefit from several significant enhancements to the ABBYY OCR solution, including:

  • Enhanced OCR accuracy : The ABBYY FineReader Engine offers considerably increased accuracy for low-quality documents, such as low-resolution scans, images from multi-function devices, and faxes.
  • “Fast Mode” recognition :  When extracting text from good-quality documents for searchable archive indexing, FineReader Engine’s “fast mode recognition” option can more than double processing speeds.
  • Image preprocessing for enhancing recognition:  Before IDC-distiller classifies and extracts data from an image, FineReader Engine’s image pre-processing technology automatically corrects poor quality images in conformance with standard parameters (or based on user direction), improving recognition of data in low-resolution images, digital photographs, and screenshots.

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