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Copyrite Partners with ABBYY to Provide Digital Mailroom Solution to Leading Law Firm

October 17, 2013

Document scanning and intelligent data capture enables incoming mail to be digitized and documents to be classified and distributed to Practise Management Systems


Moore Blatch is a highly successful law firm in the South of England, ranked 109th in the Lawyer UK 200 listings for 2012. Key strengths are corporate and commercial, property, dispute resolution and private client services and the firm has ensured that business growth is maintained, often through acquisitions.


The management of vast amounts of paper documentation, evidence, statements, filings and court proceedings leaves no room for errors or lapses in security or availability for law firms. Moore Blatch needed to accelerate their physical mail distribution process to support business growth and boost their legal team efficiency. The firm also had to provide exceptional customer service while maintaining security and confidentiality.


Having previously implemented print management solutions at Moore Blatch, Copyrite understood the challenge to reduce administration costs and increase productivity. The Digital Mailroom Solution will now scan all post in bulk; post will be separated and distributed automatically to the appropriate destination. The result is fast, accurate delivery, while mailroom staff can concentrate on handling exceptions.


Scanning and automatic document classification is provided by ABBYY FlexiCapture. Information is dynamically extracted and used for indexing into Practise Management Systems, eliminating the need for manual indexing, apart from exceptions. Documents can be indexed by type and content (e.g. invoice due date), making them fully searchable and editable in the future.


With document scanning and intelligent data capture technologies, digitizing incoming mail, classifying and distributing key business documents to individuals and Practise Management Systems, Moore Blatch can significantly increase efficiency. To maintain document security, procedures are in place if recognition of a document falls below an agreed level of acceptability. The document in question is referred to a verification role to ensure the data is accurate before returning to the automated process.


Paul Walshe, Partner at Moore Blatch: “Eliminating manual post distribution was essential as we were spending a lot of time distributing and filing documents. The Copyrite solution has enabled us to reduce our administration overheads, accelerate the process of document delivery resulting in improved client relationships. We now have a solution that can scale as our company continues to grow”.


Key benefits

  • Immediate notification of document arrivals ensures quicker decision cycles
  • Less paper results in reduced costs for printing, distributing and storage
  • Better compliancy, data tracking and records management adherence
  • Improved customer service through access to information and answers


Ian Stewart, Director of Copyrite, explained, “Having worked with Moore Blatch for 14 years, the increasing volume of paper documents made the move to a digital mailroom solution compelling as they would definitely save costs, improve processes and gain efficiencies. The productivity of legal professionals is increased when processes are automated and standard industry and company workflows can be followed.”


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