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Invu Selects ABBYY as a Strategic Partner to Launch New Capture Technology

March 17, 2010

New offering for Invu is based on ABBYY FlexiCapture 9.0


Invu, one of the UK’s foremost document management companies, has joined forces with ABBYY, a data and document capture specialist, to expand the functionality of its Invu for Business product offering.


The new function, called Invu Capture, is based on FlexiCapture 9.0, ABBYY’s newest data and document capture solution. It allows businesses to scan and capture information from paper as it enters the premises, accurately reading any type of document – including handwritten forms, bank statements, invoices and contracts – in any language or currency. Invu Capture streamlines many business-critical processes by automatically populating back office systems and electronic document repositories. Incorporating FlexiCapture’s capabilities, it works independently in the background to ensure that other tasks are unaffected, and can be used anywhere from a single desktop to distributed multi-site enterprise environments.


Colin Gallick, Invu’s CEO, commented: “We partnered with the best there is to create an unparalleled solution that is precise and intelligent and, most importantly, can integrate seamlessly with any back office system. Put simply, Invu Capture, like all our products, saves businesses time and money. Manual data input becomes a thing of the past, allowing staff to focus on more important functions that add to the bottom line.”


“ABBYY FlexiCapture’s intelligent, highly-accurate technology for automated extraction of key field data from a variety of documents and Invu’s document management technologies are truly complementary,” noted Jupp Stoepetie, CEO of ABBYY Europe and Director of ABBYY UK Ltd. “Invu offers a powerful product while clearly addressing a significant need in the document management space. Invu's easy-to-manage products help bring document management solutions to a wide audience, and we are very pleased that they chose ABBYY technology out of the many options they were faced with.”


Invu Capture forms part of Invu for Business, a product portfolio of intelligent document, information and process technologies that capture, manage and store multiple-source content.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner with 88,000 users worldwide, the Invu platform is proven to streamline time-consuming business processes, while significantly reducing operational costs.

About Invu

Invu develops software that incorporates document management, content management, workflow, automation and collaboration specializing in solutions for the mid-market and smaller businesses. Also known as the paperless office, Invu typically gives a return on investment in under six months, allowing companies to see efficiency savings in terms of both money and time. Invu’s Open Search integration allows SharePoint users to utilize fully the benefits of WSS or MOSS whilst retaining the functions of specialist document and content management. Invu’s solutions enable automated scan, capture and management, processing and output transformation. Invu also integrates with all major accounting systems including Sage and IRIS, as well as ERP and CRM systems.


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