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Sagemcom integrates ABBYY Cloud OCR to power document scanning and conversion for Demat’Box® scanner

September 24, 2013

New solution makes it easy to scan and convert documents without a computer


ABBYY Europe, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture, and linguistic technologies, today announced a partnership with Sagemcom, maker of the easy-to-use Demat’Box® document scanner. Through the partnership, Sagemcom will integrate their own Demat’Box® scanning cloud with ABBYY’s Cloud OCR SDK. 


As a result of the integration, customers using Sagemcom Demat’Box® are able to scan documents and send them directly to the ABBYY cloud.  ABBYY’s OCR then converts the documents to digital text, which can be saved as searchable PDF files suitable for document archives or workflows, or as editable file formats for reuse and re-editing.

“The Demat’Box® scanner is designed to make the process of digitizing documents easy,” explains Stephane Manac’h, Director of Business Development, Sagemcom Documents.  “By using ABBYY’s award-winning, high quality OCR delivered via the ABBYY Cloud service we can offer our users text recognition and document conversion directly from the scanner, without the need to connect to, and wait for, a computer to start up.”


The Sagemcom solution is particularly beneficial for large organizations, such as banks, insurance companies or public sector bodies that work with large volumes of documents. It provides a cost-effective way to enable scanning and document conversion for individual employees without the complicated infrastructure.  Users can simply plug the Demat’Box® into a network and scan documents for conversion into fully searchable PDF. The processing is performed entirely within the cloud and results can be quickly accessed from multiple devices, such as tablets and smartphones.


”We are pleased that Sagemcom has chosen ABBYY to power their solution,” states Jupp Stoepetie, CEO of ABBYY Europe. “They have taken an innovative approach by linking their Demat’Box® cloud backend with our own OCR service to create a seamless user experience. We are proud to say that our cloud service is supporting the backend system of one of Europe’s most important hardware manufacturers.”

ABBYY document recognition technologies and solutions provide highly accurate conversion of scanned document and images into fully searchable electronic text suitable for document archiving, document management, enterprise search and other important business processes.  ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK provides easy access to a secure, scalable, cloud-based OCR service that is accessed via a Web-API, which means it can be easily integrated from almost all operating systems with internet access, including mobile-based systems.


For more information about Sagemcom and the Demat’Box®, please go to: For more information about the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK, please go to:

About Sagemcom

French high-technology group with an international dimension, Sagemcom operates on markets of broadband (digital home, digital set-top box, broadband and residential terminals), telecom and energy (telecommunications infrastructure, smartgrid and metering), and management of documents (printing terminals, software and solutions, digital production workflow).


With a turnover of about 1.3 billion Euros, Sagemcom employs 4600 people on five continents; already a European leader in most of its key markets, Sagemcom aims to become a world leader in high added value communicating terminals.


Sagemcom is strongly committed to sustainable development through the life cycle of its products: eco-design, energy consumption, ethical code of all its suppliers.


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