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Together with KSG Software ABBYY Automates Document Entry into SAP

October 22, 2013

Any incoming document can be imported into SAP using ABBYY FlexiCapture


Not only incoming invoices are critical to SAP, but many other types of documents as well. Using ABBYY FlexiCapture, documents can be captured, automatically classified, extracted, and channelled directly into the appropriate SAP processes for further processing. This is possible thanks to a connection between ABBYY’s capture platform and the KGS Activator – a KGS Software product for document and data transfer to SAP.


ABBYY FlexiCapture takes over the automatic recognition of documents, extracts relevant metadata, and then reconciles the information from the documents and their metadata with the subsequent processes in SAP. This partnership with KGS means that ABBYY now rounds out its portfolio with a solution that allows a wide variety of incoming documents to be made available in an organization’s SAP system.


Markus Pichler, Director of Product Marketing at ABBYY Europe GmbH, explains, “Through this collaboration with KGS, we can offer SAP users a fully-fledged yet inexpensive mailroom solution for processing all of their various incoming documents. In the future they can import all types of documents directly into specific processes inside SAP.”


The KGS Activator is an application-independent product for document and data transfer to SAP. It can be integrated into any application, such as the enterprise capture platform ABBYY FlexiCapture, without any prior experience with SAP. Whether scanned paper documents, faxes or e-mail, a company is now be able to use the solution to validate data captured with ABBYY against the SAP system online.


“Our solution with ABBYY helps companies optimize document processing into SAP,” says Winfried Althaus, CEO of KGS Software. “They can therefore achieve a level of accessibility to information which supports efficient company communication The solution will help meet the steadily increasing requirements for process transparency and speed.”

About KGS Software GmbH & Co. KG

KGS stands for expertise in the area of SAP archiving and SAP document management. For more than 12 years, top companies globally have been relying on the solutions of KGS, who up to now has achieved 60 SAP certifications. The products range from high-performance SAP archiving, to ILM and document capturing, through to fully automated SAP archiving migration. KGS provides third-party software providers with consistent top-quality release-stable interfaces as well as professional consulting services for technical integration. KGS is a global SAP value add solutions partner, with customers in the USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Spain, and Germany. Since 2005, KGS has been SAP’s global outsourcing partner for SAP ArchiveLink® interface certification.


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