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ABBYY Intelligent Automation Selected by Paragon Customer Communications to Drive Digital Transformation

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ABBYY Intelligent Automation Selected by Paragon Customer Communications to Drive Digital Transformation

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Customer Overview

Name Paragon Customer Communications Limited

Paragon Customer Communications is the UK’s leading provider of insightful customer communications solutions. The strategic partnership between the two companies will create enhanced efficiencies supporting Paragon’s delivery of frictionless customer communications for its clients and further accelerate Paragon’s wider digital transformation offering.


Inbound team needed to process millions of pages of customer communication quickly and efficiently to meet customer expectations.


90% of Paragon’s workload and documents are now processed automatically through ABBYY’s intelligent document processing platform.


Paragon is able to reduce reliance on manually sorting and categorizing millions of documents, supporting their clients’ digital objectives while reducing process risk.


  • Paragon’s inbound team currently processes over 35 million pages of inbound customer communications annually.
  • Paragon’s nationwide sites process unstructured data such as complaint letters and ad-hoc notifications of change, as well as structured data like application forms, onboarding paperwork and account servicing documents.
  • Documents come via post, email, and remote location scanning, with over 250,000 documents arriving via fax machine each year—creating a growing challenge to process them quickly and efficiently to meet customer expectations.


  • By utilizing ABBYY’s intelligent document processing platform, 90% of Paragon’s inbound workload can now be processed by the innovative digital solution.
  • ABBYY handles the capture, extraction, and categorization of inbound communications for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.


  • With ABBYY’s technology, Paragon can further accelerate the company’s wider digital transformation initiatives.
  • By using intelligent automation for the manual heavy-lifting, employees can use their skills where they have the most impact, drive efficiency and value, and ultimately increase the customer onboarding experience.
  • The ABBYY platform provides Paragon’s inbound business with the tools it needs to support growth, while still providing the best possible service to their clients.
“With the support of ABBYY, we will be able to grow our business at a time when good customer communications are more important than ever before.“
Richard Machin, Director of Technology Services for Inbound Platforms at Paragon Customer Communications

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