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Deutsche Post DHL Group Increases Efficiency by 70% with RPA and ABBYY IDP

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Deutsche Post is the largest postal service provider in Europe and is part of the DHL Group, the world’s leading logistics provider. Focused on growth, DHL is accelerating digital transformation in all areas of the company. Integrating Deutsche Post’s existing technology stack with ABBYY has increased efficiency and reduced transaction costs.

With new components like the natural language processing capabilities, I believe ABBYY can play a crucial role in the future workforce. It’s lots of fun to work with ABBYY. You are very professional. You are very customer-centric, and you make it really easy to work with you.

Stefan Wenzel, VP Center of Digitization at Deutsche Post DHL Group


With an automation ratio of about 90%, Deutsche Post DHL still struggled with 10% of incoming payments that required labor-intensive intervention. The challenge was the quality of data and different formats of remittance advice files beyond the capabilities of SAP modifications. Success in dealing with that final 10% was consistent with DHL’s mission to accelerate digital transformation.

Deutsche Post DHL was looking for a solution to:

  • Improve the quality of the data
  • Handle the complexity of different formats
  • Integrate with the organization’s robotic process automation (RPA)


ABBYY intelligent document processing (IDP) enables RPA to understand and process semistructured and unstructured document content. Optical character recognition (OCR) and IDP technologies automatically and accurately recognize, classify, and extract large amounts of critical data that becomes actionable for RPA.

Automating the processing of remittance advices with ABBYY IDP has increased efficiencies in the “last mile” of invoice processing, resulting in significantly reduced transaction costs.

Deutsche Post has been able to automate a part of the process that still required significant manual work and free up staff for higher-value interactions.


  • Reduced transaction costs through standardized global processes
  • Increased efficiency by 70% through an endto-end solution
  • Set the foundation for utilizing ABBYY IDP capabilities such as natural language processing for automating further processes

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