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eDiscovery Leader Adds Advanced Intelligent Document Processing with ABBYY

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eDiscovery Leader Adds Advanced Intelligent Document Processing with ABBYY

BPO and Shared Services | Document Processing

Customer Overview

Name Nuix
Headquarters Sydney, Australia (Global HQ)
Industry eDiscovery

Nuix began in 2000 with a clear vision: Tame the vast quantities of information involved in eDiscovery with the power to search and manage unstructured data sets of any size. But that data is often trapped in unsearchable documents, so manual assessment of each image file was still necessary—until Nuix automated the task of converting them into searchable documents with ABBYY intelligent document processing technology.


Inability to process unsearchable documents or digitize handwritten text, which in many cases contains the most valuable information, led to high volume manual review of documents


ABBYY's IDP solution integrates into the Nuix platform to automatically recognize and convert unsearchable documents into searchable text as part of a project’s workflow, including handwritten text


Greater volumes of data are processed without the need for human intervention, enabling key staff with the time and resources to be far more focused on responding to litigation and be more effective in their replies


Nuix eDiscovery is the world’s fastest and most scalable electronic discovery platform. As comfortable on a workstation as it is on a server, it’s capable of processing up to 625 gigabytes of unstructured data an hour—up to 500 terabytes per case. Plus, the software directly indexes all unstructured information, regardless of language or file format.

Nuix eDiscovery helped clients to rapidly search and manage data sets of any size or complexity—enabling them to respond quickly to litigation. But one issue remained to be addressed: the need for review of every document that was in non-searchable format and therefore unavailable for automatic processing within Nuix.

“We engage proactively with customers,” explained Eddie Sheehy, Nuix’s CEO. “Their feedback is very important to us. And the need to automate the review of non-searchable documents was key. Manual review was costing some clients considerable time and resources.”

So when their client service representatives advised Nuix of a powerful intelligent document processing solution for making image-based documents discoverable, they were quick to collaborate with ABBYY.

“ABBYY’s parallel processing of documents in need of OCR is outstanding. On a single server, customers are achieving up to 30,000 pages per hour. ABBYY has brilliant OCR software that works every time.”
Eddie Sheehy, CEO, Nuix


Nuix’s team tested the solution—and the software proved a fast fit. Integration was swift and completed within a day. Nuix eDiscovery offered customers the benefit of automated conversion of digital files into searchable formats. “Our goal, always, is a faster, better and smarter eDiscovery process for our customers,” states Eddie Sheehy, Nuix’s CEO. “And towards that end we seek to integrate tools and workflows to streamline the entire eDiscovery process. ABBYY IDP fits that bill.”

Once deployed, Nuix eDiscovery ingests, examines and makes searchable all relevant unstructured data—making the information easily available for investigation, culling, review and production. Prior to the integration with ABBYY technologies, though, non-searchable PDFs and TIFFs presented customers with a bottleneck.

Now, however, Nuix workflows automatically extract non-searchable documents from a caseload. ABBYY platform picks up the files, recognizes them, and converts them into a text format. After conversion, a second Nuix workflow uploads the converted files back into the Nuix project, ready to be indexed with the rest of the case data. The entire process runs in the background, is transparent to users. and greatly enhances project efficiency. “ABBYY’s parallel processing of documents in need of OCR is outstanding. On a single server, customers are achieving up to 30,000 pages per hour,” says Eddie Sheehy, Nuix’s CEO. 


The savings in time and resources for Nuix’s customers are considerable. Greater volumes of data can be processed without the need for human intervention—enabling key staff to be far more focused on responding to litigation and more effective in their replies.

For Nuix, too, the benefits are multiple. “The added value that ABBYY brings is significant. From customer satisfaction to increasing our competitiveness, ABBYY gives us an edge,” states Sheehy. “Not only can we perform OCR for customers, Nuix can also add converted data to the index on the fly—no re-indexing necessary.”

“We’ve been working together for many years,” says Sheehy “and have 35 joint clients in 15 countries ranging from ASIC, ATO and Deloitte based in Australia to SFO (UK) and SEC (US). ABBYY has brilliant IDP software that works every time.”

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