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East Midlands Railway improves their email processing time by over 5 hours per day with ABBYY Digital Intelligence and Advanced Classification from Engeneum

Transportation & Logistics | Accounts Payable Automation

Customer Overview

Name East Midlands Railway
Headquarters Prospect House - 1 Prospect Place Millennium Way, Pride Park, Derby, Derbyshire DE24 8HG
Industry Transportation & Logistics

Partner Overview

Name Engeneum Limited
Headquarters The Blade, Abbey Square, Reading, RG1 3BE
Industry Transportation & Logistics

Leveraging ABBYY and Engeneum’s email classification solution, East Midlands Railway is able to handle over 65,000 incoming emails per year while improving customer response times, increasing productivity, and generating cost savings.


Reviewing, recording and reporting incoming complaints are time-consuming tasks that can cause delays in the query resolution. 


ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence platform is the only solution that automates the email process and automatically capture data and classify emails without any manual input. 


65,000 emails per year are now processed automatically; Customer response times have been reduced and productivity has increased, generating significant cost savings.


    • East Midlands Railway (EMR) changed its reporting processes so that staff had to review incoming complaint emails, record, and report the cause of the complaint at the time the complaint was received, instead of at the time of response—which could be up to 20 days later.
    • They were looking for a solution that was easy to integrate with their CRM for query resolution, offered the flexibility to make changes in-house, and could adapt to meet their specific requirements.


  • Implementing ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence platform with advanced classification has automated the email process by capturing key data from text on emails and document attachments.
  • The solution classifies emails without any manual input. Data is then automatically routed to EMR’s CRM system.
  • The intelligent solution is easily adaptable and offers flexibility so that changes are made in-house.


    • By leveraging ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence platform, EMR was able to reduce customer response times, increase productivity, and achieve significant cost savings.
    • The implementation has saved EMR at least five manual hours per day. Approximately 65,000 emails per year are now processed automatically, and customer response times are well below the KPI of 20 day working days.
"I was looking for a more automated approach to reduce our manual resource time and fulfil our reporting needs. We are now well below our 20 day KPI response time and have been impressed with the flexibility and ease of integration to our CRM system.“
- Nara Burne, Customer Experience Systems Manager East Midlands Railway