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Five-Minute Clearance Between UK and EU Border Expedites Delivery of Goods

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The administrative burden caused by BREXIT on both sides of the newly re-instated border between the UK and the EU causes headaches for manufacturers. CustomsTrack is a start-up company that uses artificial intelligence to simplify complex import and export processes. It identified potential to significantly simplify and accelerate the process of filing documents with the national customs systems through intelligent automation.

Having in mind the legal nature of customs declarations accuracy is of utmost importance. With ABBYY IDP, we experience 100% accuracy and 99% straight-throughprocessing rate.

Joe Corcoran, Lead Consultant CustomsTrack


  • The complexity of customs clearance processes for midsized manufacturers impact cross-border trade.
  • The process is lengthy and cumbersome. Manual keying of data into national customs systems is error-prone, slow, and costly.
  • Delays at customs due to missing or incorrect information is an issue, particularly for manufacturers of FMCG.


  • ABBYY’s intelligent document processing (IDP) solution extracts data from commercial invoices and packing lists with close to 100 percent accuracy. It sends the data to the CustomsTrack solution to automatically create export and import customs declarations for filing with national customs systems.
  • With the CustomsTrack solution, international enterprises can take control over customs operations, eliminating the need for customs brokerage services, which add cost and complexity to the process.


  • 95% faster delivery of goods to market
  • 100% accuracy of data extracted from commercial invoices and submitted in the customs declaration
  • Customs clearance at EU/UK border in under five minutes
  • 80% reduction of processing effort
  • 99% straight through processing
  • 24/7 availability of customs declaration submission through automation

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