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Scena automates supplier invoice & credit note processing with ABBYY and Engeneum, saving 60% of processing time with an automated seamless connection to Sage™

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Customer Overview

Name Scena
Headquarters 12 Imperial Way Croydon CR0 4RR
Industry Creative Construction

Partner Overview

Name Engeneum Limited
Headquarters The Blade, Abbey Square, Reading, RG1 3BE
Industry Creative Construction

Scena, a UK creative construction and protective solutions company, leveraged ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence solution to automate their invoice & credit notes process. The combined ABBYY and Engeneum invoice processing solution removed the need for time consuming manual entry. This saved Scena 60% of the time it took to process invoices and provided the finance team with more time to concentrate on managing the data and exploit direct Sage ™ Link.


Scena's invoice processing was costly in terms of labor, time and disruption. 


By implementing Engeneum's solution with ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence, Scena can automate the invoice processing, improve efficiency and significantly reduce costs. 


Invoice-processing time reduced by 60%; by removing manual work, Scena freed up time for its accountants to focus on high-value tasks.


  • Scena dealt with a huge volume of incoming invoices, and the paperwork was becoming unmanageable. It took an average of 3 days per week to process, let alone interpret the inbound invoices.
  • The invoice processing was costly in terms of labor and disruption.
  • Pain points for the finance team and overall business included paperwork bottlenecks, inconsistent delivery of approved invoices, and no real control over lost invoices lost, or ones held by managers while waiting approval.


  • Scena transformed their accounts payable processes and removed the need for time consuming manual entry by implementing Engeneum's Invoice Processing solution with ABBYY Digital Intelligence. 
  • Scena now receives, processes, and approves invoices in a fraction of the time. The results are improved operational efficiency and cost savings.


A key benefit of adopting the Engenium solution with ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence platform is that Scena reduced invoice processing time by 60% so that staff had the resources to focus on the skilled task of producing accounts.

The solution let’s Scena:

  • Significantly reduce accounts payable processing costs by improving operational efficiency, reducing errors, and automating error handling.
  • Remove the need to store paper copies of invoice documents.
  • Managers can access invoices from anywhere in the world and view electronically to see pricing when providing quotes for new business.
"Engeneum & ABBYY provided us with a processing solution that has saved 60% of the previously manual process on invoice entry, freeing up our accountants’ time to focus on the results, the job costings, and other KPIs. In terms of client value, this was huge.”
- John Bradney, Accountant at Scena