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Documents for the digital age

Highly scalable enterprise-level document conversion.

ABBYY Recognition Server is powerful server-based OCR software for automated document capture and PDF conversion. Designed for mid- to high-volume batch processing, it enables organisations and scanning service providers to convert paper, TIFF, JPEG, and PDF image documents into electronic files suitable for full-text search and long-term digital archiving.

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Unmatched scalability

Highly scalable solution that can successfully complete projects where millions of documents need to be converted in a short timeframe.

Cost-saving simplicity

Easy to deploy and administer, allowing organizations to minimize operational costs.
Replace costly physical archives thanks to intensive document processing.

Unlimited client access

The OCR and document conversion service runs on a Windows server or a web server and can be used by multiple clients from within or outside your organization.

Automated document conversion solution: key scenarios

Creation of full-text searchable SharePoint libraries

Generating searchable text for scanned or faxed documents stored in Microsoft® SharePoint® libraries to allow indexing by the search engine.

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An enterprise-level document conversion service

On-demand OCR and document conversion service for your employees or customers – available online, accessible from anywhere, around the clock.

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Automated document conversion for digital forensics, DLP, eDiscovery

Use converted files in digital forensics, DLP, eDiscovery systems, and many other ways. Recognition Server can be customised and integrated into a wide range of solutions.

Conversion in PDF or PDF/A for long-term digital archiving

Digitization of large document collections and automated conversion of scans into PDF or PDF/A-formats that can be electronically stored and archived.

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Key features

How it works

ABBYY Recognition Server processes each image file according to a workflow — a set of processing parameters predefined by the administrator. ABBYY Recognition Server can run several workflows with different parameters simultaneously. Each workflow corresponds to a unique input source (a folder, a SharePoint library or a mailbox) and runs independently of others according to its own schedule and priority.

Documents can be either scanned by an operator, or automatically imported by ABBYY Recognition Server from a network folder, FTP folder, SharePoint® library, or mailbox.
The Server performs automated OCR on the Processing Station and converts originals into compressed, searchable archives.
Verification Stations allow operators to check all documents or only documents below a certain accuracy threshold (for example when digitizing books).
*Optional processing stage
Indexing of documents can be done either automatically by a script, or by an operator. When a batch import is performed, a document separation may be required before indexing.
*Optional processing stage
Converted files go directly to company Content Management (ECM) system, Microsoft SharePoint, shared network folders or arrive as emails to people or departments in charge.

Product details

Recognition languages

Over 190 languages, including formal and artificial languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and others.



Available connectors

Microsoft SharePoint; IFilter, Google Search Appliance, Symantec and more options for integration.

Customer stories

Deloitte UK uses an OCR server solution to make image-only files searchable for eDiscovery and legal forensic analysis.

Germany’s largest public health insurer, AOK, digitises its legal department’s documents and vastly improves its customer service.

Global phamaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim turns 30 million pages archive into data accessible for full-text search.

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