Translate more
with more expertise.

All-in-one intuitive CAT tool
for professionals – yours for free!

SmartCAT gives you all you need to generate more text in less time. No training required – SmartCAT is very intuitive! In just a few clicks you can generate a free translation memory with free access to terminology management, automatic quality assurance and even more.

SmartCAT makes it easy to translate image files and use machine translation so that you can get the most out of your working day.


Use Advanced Features in a Convenient Interface

Working in SmartCAT is easy and convenient. Translation memory, terminology management, automatic quality assurance, and many more features are combined in a convenient, intuitive interface.


Work from Any Computer with Internet Access

SmartCAT is a cloud-based solution that does not require installation. You can use it from anywhere on any computer, confident that all data is secure and completely under your control.


Translate PDFs and Scanned Documents

SmartCAT simplifies workflows for translating PDFs and scanned documents. Just upload your files – the system automatically converts them to an editable, translation-ready format.

... great for someone getting acquainted with CAT.

SmartCAT is a handy cloud based CAT tool for those who cannot afford to purchase the ridiculously overpriced and buggy software that has become the standard in our industry. It is very easy to use and great for someone getting acquainted with CAT.

Darren Johnson, Freelance Translator
undefined the USA

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