ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 for Windows

ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 for Windows

Business Card Reader OCR Technology

What makes ABBYY Business Card Reader such a powerful product? Business Card Reader is powered by award winning ABBYY OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. OCR, or text recognition, uses intelligent algorithms that convert images into editable text, preserving the original layout and formatting of the initial document.

This technology is also at work in many different applications that are on the market, including programs which read text from forms or convert old books into searchable archives. ABBYY technologies are being used by a variety of organizations around the world, including libraries, software developers of document management systems, and government institutions.

If you want to convert more than just small parts of text, try ABBYY’s professional document conversion products like ABBYY FineReader 14. This product can convert sets of documents like complex PDF files, photographed or scanned documents into searchable and editable text. To find out more, click here:

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