Data capture of Arabic documents and forms

ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 11 includes an improved version of Arabic OCR technology and now supports data capture of Arabic documents and forms.


Back-up for the network license server

In FlexiCapture Engine 11 it is possible to set up a backup license server which will take over the license management if the main license server breaks down. Now failure of the license server doesn’t result in interrupted operation of FlexiCapture Engine subsystems and workstations.

Improvements in Searchable PDF export 

Combination of OCR and manual verification of pre-defined fields when creating Searchable PDFs leads to increasing quality of searchable PDFs.


Opening PDF from memory

There is no longer a need to save the document on the disc. This results in faster processing and safety improvement.

Support for Wibu-Systems CmStick

Thanks to Wibu-Systems CmStick support, along with iKey customer’s software which is protected with the licenses stored on the Wibu-Systems CmStick can be stored on the same dongle as the FlexiCapture Engine license.