Creation of Full-Text Searchable SharePoint Libraries

If you use Microsoft® SharePoint® for document storage or approval workflows, you probably have faced the issue of those scanned or faxed TIFFs and image PDFs that end up in document libraries and remain "invisible" to the search engine. With ABBYY Recognition Server, those images can be made full-text searchable and included in the search index.

ABBYY Recognition Server can crawl SharePoint libraries on a continuous basis and automatically convert all newly added image files into searchable digital documents such as PDF or PDF/A that can be indexed by the search engine. Should you have a TIFF archive that you prefer to preserve in its original format, a built-in IFilter for SharePoint will generate searchable text for those images and feed it to the indexing engine while leaving the original TIFFs untouched.

Coupled with your Microsoft SharePoint Server installation, ABBYY Recognition Server will:

Make all documents 100% discoverable

State-of-the-art ABBYY OCR technology delivers the best results even on low quality documents and ensures high recognition accuracy. All scanned or faxed documents can be converted in searchable PDF or PDF/A in order to be indexed by Microsoft SharePoint and become discoverable.

Provide a single solution for old and new documents

ABBYY Recognition Server provides integration with Microsoft SharePoint on multiple levels. It can be set up as a front-end to the SharePoint server to consistently convert all incoming image documents into searchable PDFs prior to their upload in Microsoft SharePoint. Image documents that are already stored in SharePoint libraries can be automatically converted within the libraries without any user interference. In addition to that, newly added documents that are uploaded by users as images will be found, processed by OCR engine and stored back in the library in a searchable format.

Remain "invisible" to SharePoint users

Document conversion is performed as a background process and is fully invisible for SharePoint end users. Their experience of working with SharePoint will not have to change, while ABBYYY Recognition Server will ensure that all incoming documents are consistently processed and made full-text searchable.

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