Document classification

The SDK makes it easy to train MFPs to automatically classify documents based on content and geometrical analysis. This dramatically reduces the need for manual input on MFP touch screens, bringing higher efficiency and a new level of ease for users.

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Automatic intelligent file name generation

Now MFPs can automatically assign meaningful file names to scanned documents – eliminating the need to rename scanned files or deal with confusing names like “document0001.pdf”.

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Business Card Reader with automatic card splitting

With no need for additional software, MFPs can now recognize scanned business cards and export their contact information to vCard files for import into MS Outlook.

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Industry-leading PDF MRC support

MRC (Mixed Raster Content) compression technology enables significant compression of PDF (PDF/A) files without visible degradation of document representation. It reduces file size up to 10 times smaller compared to JPEG compression, saving storage space and network bandwidth. PDF MRC compression technology is especially effective for colored PDF files since extremely high compression rates can be achieved for them.

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CJK languages support

The product now enables recognition for the most popular Asian languages:

  • Chinese (simplified and traditional)
  • Japanese
  • Korean

Also supporting 60 other recognition languages, it delivers unrivaled opportunities for vendors whose products address global markets. MFP vendors can reduce maintenance costs with a complete technology set from one source: ABBYY.

Additional features on demand

The SDK can be enhanced with additional features including ICR, OMR, OBR – plus new export formats and recognition languages. For details, please, contact ABBYY team.

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