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Image pre-processing: advanced image pre-processing functions

After receiving images, ABBYY FineReader Engine performs a range of image processing functions to improve the quality of document images for the actual recognition process. The technology uses a set of pre-processing functions and increase the quality of images. This way, even images with a low quality or documents photographed with smartphones can be efficiently processed and deliver high recognition results.

Basic image processing functions

FineReader Engine offers a number of image processing functions, such as:

  • Image scaling 
  • Image cropping
  • Image clipping
  • Creating previews 
  • Image rotation (90, 180, and 270 degrees) 
  • Lines straightening
  • Mirroring and inverting
  • Remove noise
  • Enhance local contrast

Advanced image processing functions

  • ABBYY Camera OCR technology
  • Pre-processing for documents with stamps and written notes
  • Auto-splitting of double-pages
  • Autodetection of page orientation (90, 180, and 270 degrees)
  • Automated image de-skewing (up to +/- 20 degrees)
  • Image despeckling (image clean-up)
  • Despeckling images in individual blocks Texture filtering and Adaptive Binarization
  • Adjusting text and background color
  • Data extraction from fields with various borders and frames

Unrivalled photo processing (Camera OCR)

Documents photographed by digital cameras, smartphones or tablets provide suitable resolution and image quality; however they carry some device-specific distortions. The intelligent technology identifies images captured by a digital camera and implements special image processing algorithms to eliminate distortion on digital photos, such as blur, curved text lines, missing information on image resolution or errors caused by insufficient light.

ABBYY FineReader Engine contains the following Camera OCR features:

  • Correct image resolution
  • Straighten curved lines
  • Automatic 3D perspective distortions correction

Сorrection of 3D perspective distortions

3D distortions cause multiple problems with recognized text: OCR errors might occur, page splitting fails and font size changes (from top to bottom). After correction of the original image, the OCR process provides excellent results:

without correction

with correction

Blurred images correction

If a camera is not fixed during exposure, an image could be slightly blurred. This is not visible on camera screen, but might cause OCR problems. After transformation of the source image, the binary image becomes better readable:

without correction

with correction

ISO noise correction

This type of noise looks like the picture is filled with a great number of pixels of different colors. This can lead to wrong binarization and some characters could be lost. By applying a special filter, ABBYY FineReader Engine smoothens image background and prevents text loss:

without correction

with correction

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