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Conversion in PDF or PDF/A for long-term digital archiving

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ABBYY Recognition Server is an ideal standalone solution for digitising extensive paper collections and converting image documents (TIFF, JPEG, etc.) into full-text-searchable electronic formats such as PDF, PDF/A, or XML suitable for archiving, e-discovery, and enterprise-wide search. ABBYY Recognition Server offers convenient tools for batch scanning, OCR, creation of searchable PDFs from scanned documents, and file naming, and can be used for project-based conversion of large document backlogs as well as for processing documents on an ongoing basis.


ABBYY Recognition Server will help you create and consistently maintain your digital archive by bringing in:

Automated Document Conversion

In ABBYY Recognition Server, precision OCR and PDF conversion processes are server-based and fully automated. ABBYY Recognition Server crawls specified “hot folders,” file shares and SharePoint libraries, converts discovered image documents into searchable files and delivers the results back into the same SharePoint library or a custom-specified destination. Minimised user involvement in the high-volume document conversion tasks significantly reduces the cost of the business process.

Advanced PDF Creation

ABBYY Recognition Servers comes with advanced PDF and PDF/A creation features that meet the standards of long-term digital document archiving. Enhanced MRC compression technology allows creating small-size PDFs with high visual quality, well-suited for publishing online. PDF encryption can be used to prevent unauthorized viewing, printing or modifying the created PDF files. ABBYY Recognition Server can detect PDFs that were generated by a scanner and add a text layer to those files making them full-text searchable. If the PDF file already contains a text layer, ABBYY Recognition Server will evaluate its quality and replace it with a higher quality text layer if needed. At the same time, all bookmarks, annotations, metadata and attachments of the original PDF file will be preserved intact.

Consistent Indexing and File Naming

Defining custom file names, destination folders or metadata fields is easy with the convenient indexing and metadata extraction tools offered by ABBYY Recognition Server. Barcodes on the cover sheets or data that is contained within the documents can be captured, used for document classification and routing, and stored along with the document in the digital archive.

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