Improve Information Management and Governance

Organize your information by implementing category-based document routing, archiving, search and filtering, business processes and information governance.


Enhance Compliance with Data Retention Policies and Other Regulations

Deploy records retention, defensible disposition and information confidentiality policies using accurate meaning-based classification.

Minimize Risks of Data Leakage or Loss

Arrange your data leakage protection – make sure your confidential data is under control, does not flow outside and cannot be accessed by outsiders by applying content-aware classification-based access rights to documents.


Reduce Storage Costs

Set up flexible content-aware rules for accurate and timely data removal.

Smart Enhancement for Content-intensive Solutions

  • Automatic sorting and routing of incoming information
  • Category-based data search, filtering, or archiving
  • Content-aware data access regulation

Fast and cost-effective tool deployment

  • Automatic creation, evaluation and refining of classification model
  • Detailed documentation with code samples

Product Applicability for Various Business Tasks – with Minimal Customization

  • Even highly specific classification tasks can be solved with very flexible fine-tuning (e.g. by combining keyword and semantic features)
  • Highly accurate classification results even on small training sets
  • Support for 39 languages.


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