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Government claims processing


“Transparency” is the driving goal for government organization’s everyday work, driven by two major guiding principles: the quality of services it provides and the accountability of its activities. Both of these principles call for a timely, full, and competent response to the requests an organization receives – whether it involves a tax refund or victim compensation. Government claims processing is an example of a process where both of the principles play a major role in driving organization efficiency and reputation.

To assure the transparency and service levels demanded by the public, government organizations must comply with strict guidelines regarding timeliness and accuracy of public claims processing. Non-compliance can result in legal action – and harm an organization’s reputation.


Using the automatic classification capabilities of ABBYY Smart Classifier, organizations can accelerate government claims processing in the most efficient and error-free way possible.

Powered by ABBYY Compreno cutting-edge natural language processing technology, ABBYY Smart Classifier disambiguates words within text – recognizing the links between them as well as the overall context. Understanding language enables ABBYY Smart Classifier to define the category of a document as accurately as a human.

Capable of granular fine-tuning, ABBYY Smart Classifier is highly customizable to the needs of individual organizations and departments to meet their special needs for organizations claims processing.


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