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Tag the documents based on meaning
to ensure the compliance with data retention policy. 

Classification for Information Governance


Records management serves two major goals in every organization: data accessibility and compliance with data retention policies. Yet the dramatic rise in unstructured content poses challenges to meeting both, by greatly complicating the task of classifying data for storage and tracking according to regulatory standards. The sheer volume of information makes manual processing for records management difficult and error prone, so there is a call for automatic data tagging service. But a new generation of natural language processing technology enables ABBYY Smart Classifier to solve the records management classification challenges by automatically assigning documents to the appropriate categories. Tags are assigned to documents based on text meaning with a degree of precision that greatly reduces the risk of errors. With automatic meaning-based tagging of data, records management becomes easy and smooth with no any additional manual work needed.


ABBYY Smart Classifier employs ABBYY Compreno’s natural language processing technology to understand the meaning of text in the same way human beings do – resulting in outstandingly accurate document classification. Benefits for organizations include:

Information Governance Solution Brief

Download the Information Governance solution brief to learn how to automatically deploy records retention and disposition, along with security, privacy and confidentiality policies using accurate text-based classification.

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ABBYY Smart Classifier Information Governance

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