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7 Steps to Transforming the Insurance Customer Experience

How to improve customer experience in insurance?

ABBYY helps insurance companies target automation where it makes a difference. By and large, the insurance industry is document-driven, yet few insurers have fully leveraged intelligent automation in insurance or are focused on automation for its own sake, without strategic insight into the end-to-end processes.

Digital Intelligence approaches digital transformation strategies by first understanding whether a process is working and how content enables it, before determining when and how to implement automation.

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Whether you have invested in RPA and it’s not delivering the results promised, you want confidence in complying with document-related regulations, and/or your current processes are contributing to customer dissatisfaction and attrition – there are insights in this checklist that will help open new doors for exceptional customer experiences in insurance.

This checklist outlines seven steps for insurers to consider as you build out strategies for process improvement that delivers next-level customer experiences and elevates digital transformation efforts.

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