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The Rise of the Process Digital Twin

The Rise of the Process Digital Twin - ABBYY Timeline

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This field of study emerged and has now evolved into a class of products collectively referred to as “process mining” or “process analytics” applications. The evolution of this field has brought on a new type of analytics called “Process Intelligence”.

Process Intelligence goes beyond simple process mining and does more for the enterprise user with an easy to use, no-coding, point and click interface. It is fast emerging, as an essential business strategy that enables organizations to take control of their processes and provide an opportunity to drive towards continuous and sustainable process excellence.

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How do you cost effectively and easily convert the plethora of data points generated by these operational systems, into a comprehensive, understandable and useable end-to-end view of process execution? While traditional business intelligence tools provide big picture information, they do not provide the diagnostic analytics that provides the business user with a detailed description of what is happening in terms of the processes across business units, regions, or IT systems.

ABBYY Timeline solves this challenge with an interactive model – a Process Digital Twin.

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