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How AI identity proofing is transforming government services

How AI identity proofing is transforming government services

Government agencies may not face the same competitive pressures as commercial organizations, but they still have a vested interest in delivering quality citizen service. Federal agencies have even cited constituent experience as a key driver in improving people’s trust in government.

One of the technologies helping them achieve their goals is mobile document-centric identify proofing and affirmation, which lets users skip the lines at brick-and-mortar offices and access government services by validating their identity anytime, anywhere, from their mobile devices.

ABBYY recently partnered with the Federal News Network (FNN) to contribute a chapter on AI identity proofing to their eBook Delivering on artificial intelligence’s potential. Download your copy below to learn how this technology is transforming government services.

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Download Delivering on artificial intelligence’s potential and read ABBYY’s article (pages 20–22) to learn

  • How document-centric identity proofing and affirmation combats fraud
  • How these solutions save time and money by securely automating document-centric processes
  • How offering self-service via mobile devices improves the overall constituent experience

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