Intelligent Document Processing in Healthcare: Use Cases

Find out where IDP delivers the greatest ROI in healthcare

The data inside of your forms, surveys, claims, invoices, and other healthcare documents represent a wealth of information…but it can only inform action when it’s visible, accessible, and accurate.

Today’s circumstances make it more necessary than ever for healthcare providers to smartly manage revenue, optimize utilization, and reduce costs across their care continuum. Taking long overdue, fundamental steps to embrace digitization and automation of paper-driven processes has become a must.

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This eBook shares eight important healthcare use cases where intelligent document processing (IDP) is enabling our customers to achieve results such as 80% straight-through processing of referrals, 99% data accuracy, and 10,000+ hours saved per year in manual data entry, including:

  • Patient onboarding
  • Claims and billing
  • Revenue cycle management

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