NelsonHall Process Discovery and Process Mining NEAT Evaluation 2021

ABBYY a Leader in 2021 NelsonHall Process Discovery & Mining NEAT Assessment

NelsonHall names ABBYY a Leader in 2021 Process Discovery & Mining NEAT Assessment

NelsonHall analyst firm created its Process Discovery and Process Mining NEAT Evaluation to enable strategic sourcing managers to identify the best performing vendors of process mining, desktop process discovery, and the ability to impact process change. Vendors are evaluated on both their ability “to deliver immediate benefit” and “to meet client future requirements.”

For the second year in a row, NelsonHall has named ABBYY a Leader in the NEAT assessment due to its process and task mining capabilities and the technology’s ability to help organizations understand their business processes and plan change initiatives. The ABBYY Timeline platform maximizes the wealth of data from business information systems to help organizations discover patterns and insights that illuminate paths to better customers experiences and new operational efficiencies.

ABBYY offers one of a handful of platforms with native process mining and task mining capabilities and amongst only a few where the two capabilities are well integrated. Clients get an accurate 360-degree view that will help them understand their business processes on multiple levels and plan change initiatives.

Bailey Kong, NelsonHall Research Analyst 

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  • How ABBYY helps customers across many different industries easily discover, understand, and manage business process execution more effectively
  • More about ABBYY Timeline, a comprehensive process and task mining platform with capabilities including operational monitoring and real-time alerting, analysis and optimization, and prediction and forecasting powered by artificial intelligence

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