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Emergency Department – Streamline ED Processes to Reduce Costs and Improve Patient Satisfaction

Taking control of ED processes to reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction

The Emergency Department is a vital focus area for hospitals aiming to increase overall patient satisfaction, control costs, and improve efficiency. Any improvements in this process have the potential to decrease costs, optimize use of resources, and create a better experience for patients.

ABBYY’s Process Intelligence platform applies Artificial Intelligence to the data from your healthcare systems to build a realistic digital model of your processes that includes variations and exceptions. It provides you with a clear picture of how your ED processes are executing on a day-to-day basis so you can target efforts to eliminate efficiencies in the areas they’ll be most effective.

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  • Reduce over-admittance
  • Accurately predict ED staffing needs
  • Reduce door-to-doctor time
  • Increase patient satisfaction

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