New Solutions for New Challenges in Trade Finance

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New Solutions for New Challenges in Trade Finance - ABBYY White paper

Increase productivity, ensure compliance, and improve safety

Trade finance has not been insulated from the sweeping changes of 2020-2021. Long-standing vulnerabilities have bubbled to the surface, and banks are looking for solutions. There is a growing imperative to reduce costs, improve productivity, avoid compliance violations, and reduce risk of damaging errors. If banks focused on trade finance are to overcome today’s challenges, the first step will be taking a hard look at their operations.

In this white paper, we discuss the value of taking a holistic approach to streamlining trade finance by focusing on people, processes, and content. By leveraging Digital Intelligence—a combination of process discovery and Intelligent Document Processing—trade finance organizations can increase productivity, bolster their compliance efforts, and even improve the safety of their shipments and the people who handle them.

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  • Automating the intake process for both structured and unstructured trade finance documents
  • Using data extraction and AI to ensure compliance with KYC/AML regulations
  • Expediting document processing to reduce errors and shipment delays
  • Preparing for future opportunities with blockchain

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