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Adapting and Evolving to Maximize the Potential of Automation in Underwriting

Collaboration and Innovation to Fill the Digital Skills Gap in Insurance

Upskill your staff to maximize ROI from automation in underwriting

The skills required to master the discipline of underwriting are changing fast as automation becomes increasingly important in this process. Artificial intelligence and machine learning bring much potential to improving the underwriting process, but only if insurers can succeed at creating a culture that accepts automation. Underwriting teams must be educated and upskilled in order to benefit from the opportunities that new technology brings.

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How can insurers combat barriers to technology adoption such as legacy mindsets, ineffective staff communication, and the battle to attract new talent to ensure that staff is ready and able to embrace new tools?

This white paper explores the impact that automation is having today on underwriting at RSA, Zurich UK, UK General, and Aviva, and how staff are acquiring the skills needed to maximize its potential benefits.

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