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Go from Buying Apps to Building Them… with No Code!

Go from Buying Apps to Building Them…with No Code! - ABBYY white paper

Buying the right legaltech software shouldn’t be so hard

Despite advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, law firms and legal departments continue to struggle with the enormous volume of documents and content that enter their processes. That is because implementation of those technologies has required highly skilled, and highly expensive, technical users.

But for any-sized law firm looking for more effective ways to increase realization rates, the time to digitally transform your document processes is now.

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ABBYY Vantage is helping Legal to thrive in the new work-from-home environment while increasing efficiency both inside and out of the traditional office. It’s a platform that delivers AI skills to process legal documents—automatically reading, understanding, and extracting insights from them to expedite processes. Its no-code approach enables citizen developers to rapidly move digital transformation forward, with no specialized training required.

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