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The Inevitable Need for Understanding Content

The Inevitable Need for Understanding Content - ABBYY White paper

Overcoming unstructured content as an obstacle to automation using no-code / low-code approach

Current events have intensified the pressure on organizations to include digital transformation in their strategic plans. The emergence of low-code and no-code development platforms has given rise to the new citizen developer, and technologies like RPA have been instrumental in the first phases of many organizations’ digital transformation journey. With new urgency, businesses are now moving quickly to uncover and automate more complex, higher value processes. These important processes often touch customers and inevitably involve unstructured content flowing through them, which must be intelligently processed.

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  • The importance of no-code / low-code implementation to democratizing automation
  • Extending the penetration of automation throughout organizations and processes
  • ABBYY’s latest no-code/low-code Intelligent Document Processing platform, ABBYY Vantage
  • ABBYY Marketplace – a rich collection of ready-to-go cognitive skills and technology components

Read this white paper to learn how Intelligent Document Processing platforms like ABBYY Vantage are solving this need, fitting into the new paradigm of low/no–code and ease-of-use implementation to accommodate citizen developers and integrate with RPA and BPM platforms. You will also learn how reusable components from the ABBYY Marketplace can be quickly utilized in new automation initiatives to allow you to achieve visible business results within a short period of time.

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