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Patient records

Meet stage 2 of meaningful use with better data reporting.

Meaningful use of electronic health records (EHRs) is a requirement, and penalties for lack of compliance can be severe, but here’s the reality: Paper will continue to be part of patient records for years to come. And healthcare providers of all sizes will need to flow data and context from paper to EHRs for some time to come – without affecting current processes, patient care or doctors.

So unless you have a way to automatically sort, identify and match paper and faxed documents to a patient’s EHR, you’ll be faced with burdensome amounts of time-consuming and error-prone manual work to deliver that content.

Let ABBYY solve it for you.

ABBYY is ready to ease your adoption of EHRs. Our medical records management software helps you integrate paper and images originating from existing patient records, new patients and current health information exchange solutions into new EHR workflows – without disrupting your processes, or compromising patient care standards.

ABBYY technology not only uses OCR and lets you capture patient records from scanners, portals, mobile devices, faxes, emails, or MFPs; it also extracts the data required to automatically associate them with the right EHRs. It can “read” the information in a patient record, such as a medical record number, date of birth, patient name, etc. Automated OCR and classification for medical records management ensures that charts and the individual forms are accurately identified. The result: faster, smoother and more reliable converting from paper to electronic medical records; less frustration and higher satisfaction for patients and providers.

Features & Benefits

With ABBYY, healthcare providers can:

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Eliminate the inconvenience and potential liability of maintaining duplicate/hybrid medical records.

Benefits 185R 77X77

Reduce the impact of converting paper and faxed charts by practically eliminating manual data entry.

Benefits 134V 77X77

Comply with HITECH deadlines as well as Meaningful Use requirements.

Benefits 179R 77X77

Simplify data exchange with patients and providers by accommodating the flow of paper and faxes (e.g., lab reports, referrals, etc.) that will continue to be a part of patient care.

Benefits 117V 77X77

Spend less time looking for paper and more time helping patients.

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