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Patient satisfaction surveys

Meet HCAHPS submission deadlines.

Improving patient experience is the foremost goal of every healthcare provider. But patient satisfaction has also assumed a key role in reimbursement with the introduction of the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems Survey (HCAHPS). Statistics from HCAHPS patient surveys must be submitted to CMS on time, but collecting the data manually is slow, inefficient and error-prone. And incomplete, incorrect or late data submissions decrease reimbursements needed to maintain the standard of patient care.

Gain control by automating the survey process

ABBYY helps you to automate the entire HCAHPS survey processing workflow. From scanning of patient surveys and data extraction to automatic validation and verification of data, it eliminates time-consuming error-prone manual processes. Ensuring data is captured and processed in a manner consistent with data integrity rules, ABBYY speeds the collection and submission of healthcare survey results – making sure it’s received in time to claim full benefits.

Features & Benefits

With ABBYY, you can:

Benefits 148B 77X77

Automate your entire HCAHPS survey processing workflow and improve patient satisfaction..

Benefits 137V 77X77

Reduce the costs associated with processing healthcare surveys and raise reimbursement rates.

Benefits 102B 77X77

Speed submission of patient survey data to make sure deadlines are met and full CMS reimbursements are collected.

Benefits 179V 77X77

Plan more effectively knowing that data will be accurate and submitted in time for full reimbursement.

Benefits 185B 77X77

Eliminate manual data entry and reduce risk of human errors.

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