Billing and claims processing

Automate capture of CMS-1500s and UB-04/CMS-1450s.

ABBYY’s advanced data capture technology automates the capture of information from paper and digital image medical claims – helping you process claim forms more accurately and cost-efficiently. It supports all standard claim forms, including HCFA/CMS-1500 and UB-04/CMS-1450, as well as claim attachments. ABBYY’s precision data extraction technology couples with automatic validation rules to ensure that your and your customer’s billing, accounting and healthcare claims management applications receive accurate data – with minimal human involvement. Plus, it provides a streamlined claim entry process that gives you greater control over the entire claims processing workflow and with much greater visibility.

Empowering your healthcare claims processing workflow with advanced data capture technology can have an immediate and positive impact on your business with benefits that include:

  • Up to three times lower cost per claim.
  • Flexibility to increase productivity without adding headcount.
  • Reduced number of exceptions and rejected claims.
  • Minimized risk of inaccurate reimbursements.

Features that save hours

ABBYY software offers a range of features that streamline and automate your healthcare claims processing workflow.
They include:


Automatic capture of data from black & white and dropout forms with equally high quality


Processing of various medical claim forms, including HCFA/CMS-1500 and UB-04/CMS-1450, in a single batch with classification


A set of captured fields that is customizable to your requirements


Automatic validation of data against lists of ICD and CPT codes and rules to meet requirements imposed by CMS


Recognition of supporting documents attached to a claim, such as remittance advice or an explanation of benefits


Distributed scanning and submission of claims via a web browser, in addition to centralized capture

Optimize your medical claims processing today

Introducing ABBYY’s advanced data capture into your medical claims processes enables you to accurately capture claims data from a wide range of forms, scale on the fly, and reduce the cost-per-claim. Tailoring to your specific business needs and requirements, your ABBYY solution ensures delivery of the highest possible ROI.

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A solution for your business

ABBYY technology is implemented by certified professionals who have extensive experience in deploying capture solutions for billing workflows. ABBYY will help you assess your requirements and configure a solution tailored to your medical claims processing needs. This includes the fields necessary to extract data from forms, validation rules, subsets of ICD and CPT codes and setup for export to EDI 837 format.

What our customers say.

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“As a BPO organization, we need to be very flexible. We need to provide solutions to our clients without any push back, and we need the same flexibility from our vendors. We evaluated ABBYY product against existing systems and found that the performance results were comparable to or exceeded the other solutions that were out there. For clients that pay for better accuracy, it’s a better solution.”

Jose Dias,
VP of Technology, Emdeon

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