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Bringing the power of Process Intelligence to the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform™.

The combination of ABBYY + Alteryx technologies

The combination of ABBYY Timeline with the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform™ delivers a seamlessly integrated solution capable of discovering, analyzing, monitoring and invoking powerful analytics and data science solutions tailored to your unique business process environment, allowing you to optimize your digital transformation initiatives.

The combination of ABBYY Timeline with Alteryx environment delivers:

Benefits 217B 77X77

Business Process Assessment

The Timeline platform allows organizations to quickly mine, reconstruct, visualize and analyze current state business processes based on data from one or more systems to help identify and understand which business processes will benefit from analytic process automation.

Benefits 220B 77X77

Business Process Analytics

Timeline’s process analytics, query, and filtering capabilities can provide inline enhancement of your analytic processes to provide additional process-aware data transformation and analytics. Simply drop the Timeline component into the Alteryx Designer and link it into the process.

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Business Process Monitoring

Timeline’s process monitoring provides Alteryx users with a way to monitor current business processes, even those where process steps are performed across multiple back-end systems. Users can quickly specify business conditions that require an Alteryx analytic process to be initiated.

Usage scenarios

Combining analytics and data science automation with Process Intelligence to accelerate digital transformation.

03F Timeline Cases Supply Chain Management

Supply chain process automation

ABBYY Timeline may analyze and monitor end-to-end supply chain processes and identify opportunities for optimization, such as the flow of documentation processes associated with the transport of goods (Delivery Orders, Doc Receipt, Bill of Lading, Packing List, and Shipping Guarantee). Process bottlenecks are determined that may result in demurrage charges when shipment of goods sit on docks. The results of the Timeline analysis may then provide additional process-aware data to the Alteryx APA Platform™ to further analyze demurrage charge exposure by country, port, and product that impacts delivery dates and service level commitments.

03B Timeline Cases Finance

Financial services & Banking

ABBYY Timeline may analyze and monitor financial processes such as suspicious financial transactions that exceed regulatory reporting thresholds (e.g. approvals, reviews, compliance with prescribed protocols where other deviations may exist). The results associated with processes that exhibit a behavior of concern may be passed to an Alteryx analytic process for further analysis and remedial action.

03C Timeline Cases Healthcare


Improve the patient experience, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and optimize processes by visualizing patient experience from start to finish. Investigate the reasons why some processes take longer than others and add alerting so that all protocols and best practices are being followed.

03D Timeline Cases Insurance


Optimize multiple connected steps in the claims cycle, secure customer loyalty and ensure positive business outcomes. Gain visibility into customer journeys and to systems of record, and remove high labor-intensive and error-prone processes from customer-facing interactions relating to underwriting, claims processing, subrogation, appraisal, and reinsurance.

ABBYY connector for Alteryx

ABBYY connector for Alteryx delivers the integration between ABBYY Timeline platform and Alteryx APA PlatformTM, so that Alteryx data sources and assets can be accessed and leveraged by ABBYY Timeline to deliver insight into the data-driven processes as the result of advanced process analytics.

Download connector

How ABBYY and Alteryx work together

ABBYY’s solution is a unique patent-pending process mining approach for capturing, organizing, and presenting process event data to empower business users to understand, optimize, monitor and predict business processes of any type, including case management processes.

Alteryx APA Platform™ with Process Intelligence

Process-aware APA to optimize end-to-end business process outcomes.

Alteryx Desktop Version 4

The ABBYY Timeline and Alteryx APA integrated solution delivers:

  • Critical insights necessary to identify the most impactful processes for automation.
  • Detailed understanding of the required process logic to deliver a “smarter” Alteryx APA workflow to drive the greatest gains.
  • Real-time process monitoring to ensure the downstream business process steps are completed properly.
  • Process-aware analytics to the entire upstream and downstream organization processes.
  • The Extension of Alteryx rich analytic capabilities with the ABBYY Timeline AI/ML patent-pending neural network allows Alteryx users to predict the outcome or performance of any process instance in the early stages of the process execution.

Integration benefits

"Process aware" the Alteryx Analytics Platform™

Benefits 197B 77X77

End-to-end advanced process discovery and analytics

Analyze data-driven process behaviors within Alteryx APA and initiate downstream actions, applications, or automation. Visualize the flow of work through the process stages and see the delays and bottlenecks.

Benefits 166B 77X77

Extend Alteryx APA to identify automation opportunities

Automatically generate a foundation for data-driven decisions with quantifiable process metrics, including cost, duration, and volume.

Benefits 128B 77X77

Monitor processes in real time and predict future outcomes

Monitor the performance of Alteryx APA data-driven processes, process deviations, and predict how processes will behave. Identify inefficient variations and set rules for the process.

Benefits 217B 77X77

Invoke next process action and predict issues before they happen

Based on the results of advanced process analytics, automate appropriate actions such as alerts to human agent for escalation, or digital worker to remediate within the Alteryx APA Platform™.

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