Enabling SAP robots with the critical cognitive skills to turn unstructured content into structured, actionable data.

The partnership between ABBYY and SAP enables enterprises to augment SAP bots with OCR and machine learning to process documents, raising the Digital IQ of their organization and driving new opportunities for higher value automation. ABBYY’s Content Intelligence technologies and solutions automatically classify documents and extract data, turning content into structured, actionable information to dramatically improve the customer experience, greatly reduce operating costs, and increase competitiveness.

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Integration benefits

accelerate business processes

Prompt transactions, decisions, and actions

Accelerate processes for any kind of business document – invoices, purchase orders, applications, claims, orders, and communications – eliminating costly and time-consuming manual operations.

robotic based automation compliance

Stay compliant

Turn your robots into compliance officers, by transforming critical documents into structured information, ensuring your robots have the required data to complete the work in a timely manner, while complying with regulations.

digital transformation and rpa

Achieve greater value

Expand RPA use cases to content-centric processes, supporting strategic digital transformation initiatives across the entire organization.

add content skills to robotic processes

Add cognitive skills for content to robotic processes

Turn robots into the next class of digital workers by providing content skills that deliver fast, usable data, eliminating manual work and lengthy document review processes.

Learn more about ABBYY’s solutions for SAP

  • Add intelligence to the processing of unstructured content with instant connection to ABBYY’s intelligent document processing solutions – all while building a process within SAP IRPA.
  • Leverage leading OCR, document classification and data extraction technologies to automate document-centric processes.
  • Automate the classification of documents and extraction of data through continuous auto-learning and human-in-the-loop input.
  • Expand RPA usage to automate content-centric processes involving documents, images, and text to support strategic digital transformation initiatives.

ABBYY FlexiCapture Connector for SAP Intelligent RPA

Download the FlexiCapture Connector to SAP Intelligent RPA from the SAP Intelligent RPA Store and begin automating high-value document processes.

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