ABBYY InfoExtractor SDK

Activate your data

with powerful information extraction technology
that reveals entities, events and relations
across unstructured texts.

ABBYY InfoExtractor SDK empowers a new generation of Case Management and smart business process applications by automatically identifying and extracting business-relevant information from the unstructured content: entities, events, and relationships between them. Consolidating the extracted information into facts, ABBYY InfoExtractor ensures reconstruction of story lines hidden in complex and long documents.

An in-depth insight into entities, events and relationships enables enterprise customers and software developers to automate document workflows, increase time-consuming contract review, improve compliance management and other content-intensive tasks.

Built on ABBYY’s Compreno natural language processing technology, which operates on the level of meaning, InfoExtractor delivers highly accurate text analysis results. Its language-based capabilities will sustain business processes that require granular and reliable content understanding and open up new opportunities to increase operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and drive revenue.

Highlighted Use Cases

Credit and Insurance Risk Mitigation

Information-intensive transactions require that attorneys, bankers, risk managers and other professionals quickly and efficiently analyze and review complex documents. InfoExtractor’s intelligent understanding of documents enables these highly skilled professionals to navigate directly to relevant facts that are critical to the transaction.

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Improving Compliance in the Construction Industry

Information extraction can help designers and engineers identify specific equipment, together with their elements and characteristics, in project documentation, thus ensuring consistent compliance with industry standards and regulations, helping to avoid mistakes in project documentation, and mitigate financial and safety risks.

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Key Benefits

For End-customers

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency
    Intelligent content capture technology automatically extracts critical information from documents to minimize expensive manual labor, optimize business processes and improve information retrieval.

  • Make knowledge-based decisions
    InfoExtractor’s highly accurate and granular insight into key facts from unstructured content enables a new generation of decision-making solutions.

  • Identify and mitigate risk 
    InfoExtractor’s information analytics discovers “unknown unknowns,” making potential risks visible and manageable.

For Developers

  • Solve tasks that others cannot solve
    In comparison to traditional rule-based or statistical algorithms, the language-based capabilities of ABBYY InfoExtractor SDK deliver deep analytical insight into meaning and relationships – creating new opportunities to activate unstructured information.

  • Solve critical tasks with high reliability
    InfoExtractor delivers highly accurate and granular text analysis to reliably drive critical business processes that require deep information understanding.

  • Enjoy qualified linguistic services
    Leave training, ontology creation and tiresome description and maintenance of extraction logic to the ABBYY expert team.

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