ABBYY Smart Classifier

Grade your data

with the professional language-based
classification to accurately put your unstructured
content into order.

ABBYY Smart Classifier is a powerful text classification application to organize unstructured information for automatic routing, search or archiving inside corporate content and document management systems. Based on a break-through ABBYY Compreno natural language processing technology that operates on the level of meaning, ABBYY Smart Classifier provides exceptional classification of unstructured documents for policy and regulatory compliance, where automatic classification of text documents is greatly needed. Flexible algorithmic tuning capabilities make ABBYY Smart Classifier an outstanding text document classification tool, which is highly responsive to organization’s information management and business process requirements.

Usage Scenarios

ABBYY Smart Classifier streamlines and boosts the efficiency of content-intensive processes.


Claims Processing for Government

Strict guidelines of claims processing together with the urge for transparency poses the need for timely and accurate claims classification. ABBYY Smart Classifier is here to help.
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Classification for Client Support

Being charged with tons of clients issues daily, client support employees need to classify and rout them to drive the problem solution faster. This is where automatic classification could help.
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Classification for Records Management

Data accessibility and compliance with data retention policies together push organization for accurate and meaningful data management. ABBYY Smart Classifier is eager to help achieve both of the targets. 
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